Juventus, fans evoke Montero: but how is the experience of the former defender at Primavera? Shape, game, words and curiosity

Some shout for it, others are more careful and remember the experience Berlow. On both sides, however, Paolo Montero is on everyone’s lips now that Massimiliano Allegri’s position is increasingly in the balance. In particular, he attracts the personality of the former central defender: a man in no uncertain terms, the one who can rock the locker room without more confidence or motivation. Possible internal solution as a gateway operator or a simple suggestion, let’s try to understand how to try Montero with the Primavera Juventus.

Let’s start with the gameplay. 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2 are the most used units in this first part of the season. In fact, he built two Juventus: A team able to close and restart in high quality, or lead the match and put pressure on the opponent’s defence. It depends on the opponent, on the moments of the match. The only commandment: not to throw the ball, the ball from the goalkeeper to the center of the defense or the manager who goes down and then look for the offensive reference. exactly, The much-talked-about building from below. In all this there was no shortage of slips, one above all resounding defeat in youths league against the psg: 5 to 3 for the French and the performance to be canceled, if not for the reaction in the final. Character, yes, has never been lost and is a trademark of the coach. She has always been seen in Europe, in a tie against her Benfica The defending champion with Juventus under a man.

It’s a fun game to watch but also effective. The draw against the Lusitans, who came back in the final, reopened the qualification speech. Juventus Primavera has points like Benfica, ahead of Maccabi with three points and Paris Saint-Germain with six. And in the league? He opened the season with a draw with Sassuolo, then three wins against 4-0 against Udinese, 5-2 against Empoli, 3-2 against Atalanta, even 1 to 1 against Hellas Verona in the last round. After 5 rounds, the Bianconeri are second, two points behind leaders Torino.

Then there is one thing that surprises us about coach Paulo Monteiro. Constant references to his past experience in the black and white shirt. This happens in front of the microphones, and the same is undoubtedly happening in the locker room and in training. Some examples: “When you train with the best, as it is understandable to me coming from Atalanta, you trained with Ferrara, Peruzzi, Pesotto and phenomenal have already won, then it is only natural that if you are someone who listens to you you grow”. “I’m happy, they’re doing well, they’re good guys. I can’t argue with that, a lot of times it’s normal to have fluctuations in age, it’s normal. We are here, our job is to be here to help them. Sometimes we have to Be patient, it might happen. It happened to us in the first team…”.

Another curiosity that tells the man and the coach. He does not continue to warm up the team on the field. In the last match against Benfica, behind the net that limits the Vinovo facility, he had a long conversation with his old friend and former teammate – now in charge of Juventus’ youth sector -, Gianluca. Peso. Even if he is forced to regress by age, when the referee blows his whistle it is as if he is on the field: remotely controlling the team, running from side to side, instilling confidence and giving instructions, for 90 minutes, plus recovering. At the end of the match, great honesty in the analysis of the match, calmness, availability and determination.

This is the first assessment of Monteiro’s return to Juventus. As a Primavera coach, at least for now.