Juventus, now changing the market: Sustainability, Scouting and Courage

TurinNow Juventus is running for cover, on and off the pitch. The solution being considered, at least for the time being, is not to change the technical guide. Training begins again today and Massimiliano Allegri at Contasa is expected to take charge of Juventus, even if there are a few players available, while the rest follow the national teams. It is necessary to intervene vertically and technically, but Juventus is also considering changing the market strategy, to determine the future with a sustainable approach in a club that must face a budget deficit of around 250 million. The exact number will be announced during the club’s board of directors meeting scheduled for Friday, during which President Andrea Agnelli’s speech is expected At the moment Juventus is going through, 360 degrees.

Juventus is considering the following steps, which include a return to market planning capable of targeting players with perspective and quality with limited numbers capable of impacting performance and at the same time generating any capital gains: Market “Anti-Red Balance”, allowing to maintain a high technical level while reducing the amount of salaries and creating value for the club. basically, Forms that in this historical period Italian football operates, speaking of the major clubs of the Champions League, These are for Milan and Naples: DS, Ricky Massara and Cristiano Giuntoli, have been able to fish from alternative markets thanks to the informed work of exploration and resourcefulness in making brave choices. The simplest examples are Theo Hernandez or Leao in Rossoneri or, considering De Laurentiis Club, Georgian Kvaratskhelia. For Juventus, it would be a return to the origins of Andrea Agnelli’s presidency, let’s say to Ole Paratici (along with Marotta) when they arrived. Players who are already well-established, but will be renewed (like Tevez), potential top clubs not of the highest caliber (Vidal from Bayer Leverkusen) and young players who will be launched into operations capable of earning capital gains (Pogba and Koeman). Over the years, Juventus have changed their approach to team building: think only of the Higuain deal (he paid 90 million release clauses) and the massive operation that led Cristiano Ronaldo to Turin in 2018. In recent years, Juventus has also considered the direction of potential investments: How can we forget Chiesa, Locatelli, Vlahovic himself (in negotiations, however, cost a total of 80 million). But the players also arrived with intense clashes and difficulty getting out: In the absence of a cost-effective field return, these operations have proven to be a difficult problem to solve.

The idea now is to change the system. not men: Because the work of the sporting notch, with Federico Cherubini at the top of a true pyramid of the so-called artistic field, is a work destined and valued for the club. If anything, the strategy is to strengthen the department, perhaps by promoting Cherubini to the role of general manager and with the arrival of a practical sports director for the field, able to understand the market, even beyond the confines of a football empire. So it is only natural that the names of professionals who have established their work with this kind of philosophy have appeared in recent years: Giuntoli, Petrachi, Tare. But one can also think of an internal solution. Another point: the strategy to revolutionize, goes beyond professionalism.

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