Kirchmere and Semenk Champion in the World Granfundo

Among the various categories, there was no shortage of Italian successes: Francesco Vigini (Granfondo 35-39), Giuseppina Michela Bergosa (Mediofondo 50-54), Olga Capello (Medeofondo 55-59), Giorgio Chiarini (Mediofondo 60-64) , from Trentino Silvano Janis (Medeofondo 65-69) and Silvano Asaloni (Medeofondo 80-84). Also among the prestigious names is the name of the French Jenny Longo, multiple titles by the elite and able to wear another rainbow shirt, which made an appearance after the success of the experiment.

Winners or not, all the athletes had to earn the honor of finishing the tough World Championship, by all accounts the toughest in many copies – if not since the last time in Trento. On a perfect cycling day, it was cold – especially early in the morning – but then warmed by the sun and under a clear sky, participants found the best reward for their efforts. “The Bondone is a really tough climb, but the view from up above the city and the Alps is amazing. This route and this area are well worth the trip,” said many, from all over Europe, as well as from Australia, the United States, Japan and Zimbabwe.

New World Champion Granfundo Master

Thursday (45-49): Christina Rausch (Germany)

Don (40-44): Nicolene Lusterberg (NED)

Don (35-39): Martha Maltha (NED)

Don (19-34): Laura Siemens (SLO)

Men (55-59): Michael Schaefer (Germany)

Men (50-54): Roger Devitori (Switzerland)

Notes (45-49): Igor Kopsi (SLO)

Omini (40-44): Patrick Hagenars (Australia)

Men (35-39): Francesco Vigini (Italy)

Men’s (19-34): Stefan Kirchmayr (Australia)


Don (65-69): Tarja Simakala (Finland)

Data (60-64): Jenny Longo (France)

Women (55-59): Olga Capello (Italy)

Women (50-54): Giuseppina Michela Bergosa (Italy)

Men (85-89): Arthur Duncan (RSA)

Men (80-84): Silvano Asaloni (Italy)

Men (75-79): Joseph Bechel (Australia)

Men (70-74): Rudolf Slewits (Belgium)

Men (65-69): Silvano Gaines (Italy)

Men (60-64): Giorgio Chiarini (Italy)