“Law is the cornerstone of Turin. If Miranchuk lights up, grenades can become the surprise of the tournament”


Fabrizio Ponceroli Interviewed exclusively by TorinoGranata.it. Ponceroli is a news editor atprofessional computerAnd our guest on Tmw Radio, we talked to him about the start of the Turin season and the Sassuolo match.

How do you frame the match between Torino, which comes from defeat but with a good performance against Inter and a positive start to the tournament, and Sassuolo, who has not fully recovered yet and has many rifts?

“I Turin surprises me a lot Why I see one teamAlthough it seemed in the summer that legal He was not very happy with the way things were going, but in fact he was very skilled and this confirms that he is a professional Grande Amalgamator. Torino is a good team. I didn’t score against Inter Milan, but he made a good attempt and doctrine who – which mayo also He regained the three points with Sassuolo. The Emilion did not win four matches and they only did it once in the first six days, they had important splits and in Turin they never did exceptional things, so I think grenades on paper have a good chance of winning.”

At the start of the season in Turin, Vlasic and Radungic appeared, coming from less-than-great tournaments. Are these the right items to give something more to the grenade on the trowels?

“I think in the end every player has to feel important and when they find the right environment they can make the best of their potential. Vlasic and Radungić They had the qualities that would enable them to do well in the past, and perhaps Jurek was able to put them in the right place and give them the right motivation. Quite frankly At the beginning of the season I see a lot of Juric’s book in TurinThis is it Keystone he is always. If he has the drive and determination Players follow him Because he is able to follow him, and this is not a trifle in modern football. The impressive performance of some Torino players, I may not say unknown but I am unfamiliar with large crowds, is due in large part to their Credit to Juric so is Great ability to put players in the right place and motivate them in the right way“.

Torino convinces the game it offers, but it does not score much although it creates many scoring opportunities. The numbers show that in six matches he shot 67 times, 25 on goal, created 56 chances, but scored only 6 goals. A little proportionate goals, right?

“That’s right, in fact I think it is The real limit the team has at the moment: The Difficulty finding the way to the goal. However, it is also true that a file defense and the The midfield holds up wellSo yes a team that scores little but knows how to defend itself well. If Torino finds a man who starts to score more goals, I think so Miranchukwho in this case is suspended due to injury, but who can? lightSo The bull can become the surprise of this tournament“.

Strong defense, conceding 6 goals in six matches but conceding three simultaneously, mostly due to individual errors. Torino is in line with the last tournament when Bremer was there and with emerging players such as Buongiorno and Schuurs.

“I am amazed by this because I thought Torino would take longer to find Bremer’s heir and above all the defensive strength that the Brazilian secured. Instead, again, I must say that Juric has been good at giving confidence to players who can perhaps pay the price for tension and responsibility Replace the Bremer and the results are currently more than comfortable. good morningin my opinion, it really contains The quality to become a player in this category: It’s a lot Adept at getting ahead, he just knows how to position himself. Regarding his age (23 years, editor) it seems to me that he is very advanced in the process of maturation of a footballer. I repeat myself, I am crazy about Gorek and I think his work is also paying off from this point of view because it is not easy to bear the heavy legacy left by Bremer.”

Coming back to the match against Sassuolo, he might have expected a little more from Niververde, but he remains a rather impressive squad because he has his own style and personality that the coach has provided. What difficulties might Turin face, even if Sassuolo had important schisms?

“I Sassuolo can’t be judged yet because without Berardi and without him there is no Sassuolo. Without Berardi The team loses 40% of its attack power: and the A charismatic and technical leader and perhaps the spirit of this team as well. That is why I find it difficult to judge Sassuolo at once. Turin should be wary of Pinamonte Because he’s one of those players who, especially in this type of match, where there are probably few chances and the match is very physical, they can put the ball into the net and that can hurt. I refer to it as Public risk number one“.

If Torino beat Sassuolo tonight, they could come up with an interesting arrangement. Are grenades higher or lower than expectations?

“For the history that he carries with him, Torino always has to be in important positions. He’s had some really terrible seasons and I imagine it’s been an ordeal for the fans, so I really hope what I said before: It’s the surprise of this tournament, but not so much for a year of exploits and then After that we go back to what happened in recent years but because Torino has to regain its important positions.Maybe by enjoying a good season there is a possibility to build something more important It all starts and ends with Juric. If Juric is very successful this year and manages to reach high positions then you have to give him players to upgrade or else you will lose him.. Another summer like the one that just passed doesn’t do that anymore.”