LBA ITALIAN SUPERCUP – Honor Roll 1995 to 2021

The Italian Super Cup for men’s basketball was established in 1995, and originally saw the Italian champions, that is, the Italian Serie A winners, and the Italian Cup winners.

The competition was expanded to include four teams starting with the 2014 edition, to include the finalists of the Serie A Championship and the final of the Coppa Italia (or the best semi-finalists of the two competitions, if one or more teams reached the finals in both the League and the National Cup).

Two exceptions to the rules. The 2000 version was played in an extended format to 27 teams, i.e. all Serie A1 and Serie A2 teams for the 2000-2001 season, except for Viola Reggio Calabria.

The second are the 2020 and 2021 editions, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Participants All 16 teams of the tournament, divided into four groups on a regional basis with no public admission. Then the winners played in the fourth final.


1995 – PalaMalaguti Casalecchio di Reno, Bologna power 90-72 pal. Treviso MVB Orlando Wallridge

1996 – FilaForum Assago Forum, Scaligera Verona 79-72 Olympia Milan. Giacomo Galanda

1997 – Palaverde Villorba, pale. Treviso 78-58 Virtus Bologna, Denis Marconato

1998 – PalaMalaguti Casalecchio di Reno, Fortedo Bologna 66-59 Virtus Bologna, Alessandro Appiu

1999 – Balaignes Varese, a ball. Crowe 68-61 Virtus Bologna, Andrea Mingen

2000 – Balasport Maine Sana Siena, power of rome 82-78 Virtus Bologna, Jerome Allen

2001 – Palaviera Genova, pale. Treviso 88-71 VL Pesaro, Tyus Edney

2002 – Palaviera Genova, pale. Treviso 100-72 Bologna strength, teus edni

2003 – Palaverde Villorba, pale. Kanto 85-79 Bali. Treviso, Nate Johnson

2004 – Balasport Man Sana Siena, sana man sienna 85-77 Bali. Treviso, David Vanterpool

2005 – Paladoza Bologna, Fortedo Bologna 84-75 pal. Treviso, Marco Bellinelli

2006 – Palaverde Villorba, pale. Treviso 76-73 Basketball in Naples, Marcos Guri

2007 – Balasport Man Sana Siena, sana man sienna 96-50 Bali. Treviso, Shaun Stonerock

2008 – Balasport Man Sana Siena, sana man sienna 108-72 Scandon Avellino, Terrell McIntyre

2009 – Balasport Man Sana Siena, sana man sienna 87-65 Virtus Bologna, Roman Sato

2010 – Balasport Man Sana Siena, sana man sienna 82-64 Virtus Bologna, Bo McCaleb

2012-105 Rimini Stadium, pale. Kanto 80-73 Man Sana Sienna, Manushar Markoweshvili

2013 – Balasport Man Sana Sienna, sana man sienna 81-66 pal. Varese, Daniel Hackett Title revoked

2014 – Balasiradimini Sassari, dynamo sasari 96-88 Olympia Milan, Jerome Dyson since 2014, the trophy was awarded during the quarter-finals.

2015 – Ballarafini Turin, pale. Regiana 80-68 Olympia Milan, Amedeo della Valle

2016 – Assago Forum, Olympia Milan 90-72 Scandon Avellino, Kronoslav Simon

2017 – Bala Galassi Forli, Olympia Milan 82-77 Rier Venezia Jordan Theodore

2018 – Balalonesa Brescia, Olympia Milan 82-71 Torino helped, Vladimir Mikov

2019 – Palaflorio Bari, dynamo sasari 83-80 Raer Venezia, Curtis Geirels

2020 – Segafredo Arena Bologna, Olympia Milan 75-68 Virtus Bologna, Malcolm Delaney

2021 – Unipol Arena Casalecchio di Reno, Bologna power 90-84 Olympia Milano, Alessandro Pagola