LBA – Pre-season – Dinamo defeated Sassari in extra time against Paris

© Photo by Dinamo Sassari

In the final of the Gravelines Championship, dynamo sasari She fights with a big heart and self-denial, she plays with high quality, she is cut short by the referees whistles, but she stands to the end, taking over the extra time. In overtime, Paris won 100-94, who won the Arias Cup with Sassari exhausted to his knees, but Al Banco leaves France completely bullish and with many positive notes. Great games for Chessa, Diop and Pisano again very good.

the match. The final of the Gravelines tournament between Dinamo Sassari and Paris, which was determined by the sporting director of Strasbourg, Nicolas Alberani, with the structure of the Euroleague. Last night in the semi-finals she got rid of Orleans 99-79 thanks to her attackers. Wallace, who could be the real best player, scored 20 points with a 7/12 shot, followed by twenty-one points Kamagati (16 points with 8 rebounds) who will engage in a very exciting duel with Onwako. Bucchi will once again have to deal with very limited courses, and Sasari will have to put in another pre-season effort from his highest level thus far despite the absences.

start of the game. Paris starts right away with a great attitude and decision on Wallace’s storms and Kamagati’s vertical, but Dynamo proves once again that they are on the ball and hit back, playing as a team and moving the ball very well. Sasari struggles to bounce back, but once he attacks his opponents he runs with a transition. Everyone does the right things, Kruslin is deadly off the arc, the first extension is with the Croatian trio and three free throws send Banco at 17-9 with a partial 8-0 and then at 10′ 26-17 with Chessa and Dow good in the takeout.

In the second quarter, Paris intensified the conflict, the Dynamo became tense and the referees are very financial, technical in Bokshi, the third mistake from Onwako, completely overturning the stalemate of the match, still a mistake in the attack on Crosslin with the technical, and partial. Of the Parisians dry 13-0, the overtaking took place with coach Sassari forced to exit (30-32). Banco who played calmly and with the same determination as yesterday, loses a bit on the thread, Allman (14 points with 4/6 from the field) creates confusion, Wallace throws a flood of free throws, Bendzius pushes two non-existent fouls, Dowe also takes a protest technician in a quarter With seven offensive errors and five technical errors. Paris advances up to 8 at 43-35 Turning the whole match, Dynamo limits damage to 20′ (39-43)

A bad match with Banco was out of the game, without the possibility of being able to express himself normally in a pre-season match. 14/32 from the field with Crosslin at 12 points and Dow at 10. 9 offensive rebounds for the French who thank and take advantage of every whistle.

Sims is crazy in the third quarter, he forces Onwako to make the fourth foul, take the rebound, score goals, and run into the open field is the thorn in Dynamo’s side who, however, always has the strength to fight back and play as a team. Chessa (2/4 of 3 points) and Diop (11 points) play a great game, everyone helps each other in defense, he hits Pisano from the arc, Dynamo is there and how he never wants to give up. Absences, fouls, referees and Banquo’s mental strength transcend all obstacles, at 30′ Sasari leads 67-59 with merit and great courage (Crosslyn 18 points with 6/11 off the field, Sims 14 points with 6/8).

Pisano signs +11 with a stop and hits as a veteran, Wallace tries to play the charge, again a technical foul this time for Onwako who came 8 minutes from the end (could have been the sixth foul so he’s off the bench, third team, Bucchi was sent off for Total Technicians), is a never-before-seen cinema, trying to play basketball, Kamagate crushes -4 on the counterattack (73-69) and promptly calls Bayoney for a timeout. It is played point-to-point on nerves, Diop is great but makes 0/2 off the line, Paris hits possession, Croslin off the long line but header to the end. It looks like Dynamo has been on its knees for the last two minutes, Dowy is also off due to fouls, Ullmann always creates an advantage in 1vs1 situations, Sims is ready in the exhausts, Paris has 3 points with 33″ from the end (84-81 after a 7-0 part In systematic error Banco is always on the bottom but Bendzius disrupts everything with his tie grenade at 8″ from the very well built end (86-86). Diop’s block also reaches the last action, which cancels out Allman and gives Dynamo extra time.

Crosslin was forced to play the play, all due to errors, Wallace, Alman and Sims extended the break, Dynamo still had the strength to fight back and fall back with 7-0 and 3 points from Bendezius (93-91) but clarity and transparency. Free throws reward the French who don’t look back and win 100-94.

dynamo: Pisano 5 (2/3 2p), Piredda ne, Dowe 12 (3/6 1/5 3p), Kruslin 24 (6/9 2/8 5bs 6pp), Gandini, Chessa 9 (3/6 3p), Bendzius 18 (5/9 1/5), S. Gentile ne, Raspino 5 (1/2 1/1), Diop 17 (6/7 2p 5/10 TL), Onuaku 4 (1/5 in 15′). All
32/68 off the field 47% 9/27 3p 33% 21/27 tl 78% 39-47 Paris rebounds (12 lb. Diop) 22 assists (Dow 6)

Paris: Allman 21, Malwaya 2, Wallace 19, Gesic 4, Kamagate 8, Denis 13, Diawara, Sleva 3, Begarin 6, Simms 24.