League Two, results: Regina, Frosinone and Bari win, tied for Como and Spal.

Surprisingly in Sardinia, the team of Pippo Inzaghi continues to impress. The Sicilians were defeated. Parma wins in Ascoli. At Como, Fabregas’ pass and Cutron’s arc are not enough, equal width with Spal. The races between Sudtirol and Cosenza and between Venice and Pisa finish 1-1

Lorenzo Pastoglia

Regina immediately responded to the success of Brescia, with whom they shared the lead in the standings with 15 points. At Granillo, the Pippo Inzaghi trio drops against Cittadella, with goals by Gagliolo, Fabbian and Gori. He also dreams of Frosinone, who beats Palermo at home and climbs to third place in the standings with 12 points. Barry passes into the final with the usual Shdira, decreeing his first home defeat to Cagliari Liverani. Ascoli also falls at home against Parma, who go 3-1. Equality between the Venetian Pisa and the Sudtirol Cosenza.

Ascoli Parma 1-3

After Perugia, Ascoli falls again: at home against Parma against Gigi Buffon. Under del Duca’s deluge, Totino advanced with his team taking advantage of Salvi’s short bounce. A goal that stunned the Bianconeri, then lost 0-2 to double Roberto Inglese. The attacker collects the Camara filter, and bypasses Baumann in the long run, you just have to push it into the net with his right. So the Marchjani must also deal with the injury of the second guard, who arrived immediately upon his release from Lugano. With Leali out to break the ulna against Cittadella, 37-year-old Guarna is in goal. In the second half, Pecchia controls and closes it in the 66th minute with a goal from Man, good at zigzagging in the opponent’s area and putting the ball into the opposite corner. Lungoyi’s first goal of the season (79 minutes) Ascoli woke up too late: Mendes approached 2-3, then a potential Circati goal was avoided by Super Buffon.

Cagliari 0-1 Bari

At Unipol Domus, the match was boring throughout the first half, with Radonovic and Capriel mostly leaving to watch their teammates. The second half has a little sparkle. At first Botta missed the opportunity on the counter-attack, then Chidera’s superb goal in the 77th minute, good at checking the chest with a decisive pass to Goldaniga and pasting the opposing goalkeeper’s exit with a header. In the final, Rafael Bosino was sent off by the guests in the 84th minute, but Sardinia’s numerical superiority was forced, only with a list in full recovery by Pavoletti, on a cross from Diola. For Liverani, this is their first home knockout.

Como Spal 3-3

Amazing match with Sinigaglia. 8′ Enough to get the game off: Maestro opens it up immediately, who’s corner kick is the second goal of the season, after the one he scored against the former Ascoli. An advantage that only lasts 4′, because Cutrone (the first two goals of the season) finds the same. Mancuso’s wood in the final does not prevent the former Milan from 2-1, 24 seconds after the start of the second half: Fabregas helps the striker, who on the right finds a great result able to beat Alfonso. After Moncini tied with a header in the 59th minute from Tribaldelli’s 3-2 Luano cross in the 72nd minute. It looked like it was over, but in full recovery, after a very confused procedure, the outside car arrived from outside Esposito and slipped under the intersection.

Frosinone – Palermo 1-0

In Stirpe it was a tough match, before Moreau opened it in the 44th minute, and he was not without luck. Case bypasses Palermo’s defense and serves it inside to the former Catania striker, who takes kicks poorly but finds Pataro’s aberration, putting Pigliacelli out of play. In the second half, Corini’s team starts under pressure, who tries with a shot from Di Mariano, before Frosinone does it again with Caso. In the last super opportunity to segre with help from peppy Di Mariano, but the header ends on the side.

Regina Cittadella 3-0

Mission accomplished for Regina, called to respond to Brescia’s victory last night over Benevento. Pippo Inzaghi’s team reaches Lombard at the top of the standings, taking advantage of the open spaces left by Cittadella. And Gagliolo’s header was freed in the 22nd minute from a free kick from Madjer’s right. In the second half 2-0 in game time by Giovanni Fabian, his third goal of the season. Inter 2003 took advantage of Jeremy Menez’s pass from the left and pushed it into the goal. A goal initially canceled by referee Magoni for the position of the former Roma and Milan striker, then validated by Farr. Tonkara could shorten the distance, but his shot, hitting a Colombian, ends on the crossbar. This is how Gouri’s pass, assisted by Pierozzi, helps bring the score 3-0.

Sudetrol Cosenza 1-1

In Druso, the hosts start better, who after the initial impact finds the advantage in the 22nd minute. Signed by Matteo Rover, he is good at picking up the long throw from Ogodwu, who entered the area from the left (after a big stop follows him), then beat Matosevic. In the second half, Calabrian plays and pressure is rewarded in the 77th minute with Kornvig’s goal: as soon as he enters, his shot goes out from the outside into the corner. In the final, the super serpentine of the midfielder on loan from Spezia ends near Merola, as predicted by Polotsi. There is a link between Sudtirol and Cosenza.

Venice Pisa 1-1

As in Como, between Venice and Pisa, it’s a Q&A a few minutes into the first half: the hosts open it at 40 minutes with a spin at the Novakovic intersection, equalizer after 4′ gliozzi, good to leave at Ceccaroni’s place. Twenty minutes from the end, the brilliance of Ioneta, who gets the second yellow and leaves it at 10. The possible final penalty kick for Javorcic for a contact in the area between Ceccaroni and Barba, but Farr says no.