League Two – Super Cup: Virtus Ragusa stops and advances to PSA S. Antimo

Virtus Ragusa’s Super Cup adventure ends in the quarter-finals, where PSA Sant’Antimo coach Gandini beats them. The Ragusans ran the game well, always in the lead for about 31 minutes into the race and then slipped away at the end of the match when the Campanians became more consistent and clear especially in attack. However, there are still good performances from players who have hardened themselves in intense matches in light of the impending start of the tournament.

Ragusa starts well and immediately makes an impression thanks to the explosive start of captain Sorrentino who immediately scored the first five points and Ianelli and Cesare followed immediately. Sant’Antimo fails to enter the game until Cantoni gives strength to his teammates for a more active restart that pays off by tying up the local team. But Virtus wants to find an easy escape route and succeed by adopting a more fluid and dynamic game thanks to the excellent intuition of Zanetti and Gaetano. Guests rely on young Canavina and Scully and close the first quarter at -3 on the iblei.

The beginning of the second quarter is characterized by serious errors committed on both fronts, as Campania players benefit more to catch up with the hosts and return to a tie in 15 minutes (26-26). But it doesn’t last long because Gaetano speeds up and instantly hits double digits with a 6-0 break position thanks to the fast transmission that sets the iblei above all else. Coach Gandini immediately called the timeout to clarify his ideas and reorganize the game. The Campanians manage to recover again but then come the two successive errors of Montanari and those of Anaique that allow the Sicilians to reclaim the land again. Franco rings one by one the other important baskets that provide greater safety with the help of Zanetti and Ianelli. But PSA doesn’t give up and with good performances by Cantone and Scali as usual, we go into the locker room with Virtus up 4 points.

Returning from a long rest after a triple in May, Ragusan put their foot on the throttle. Cesari’s three free throws with Zanetti and Valente’s baskets make the gap between the two teams important again with +9 written on the score sheet (54-45). Saint Antimo is suffering and cannot react to Ragusa’s overwhelming power.

Sorrentino still fires the arc followed by Valente who witnesses from a long distance the maximum gap on the scoreboard which scores 31′ +13 for the hosts (62-49). Hence reclaiming the bells that increase speed and also making use of some rival referee whistles put one by one the baskets that know the revenge. Mai, Sjoba, Scully and Minnella lead a 14-1 break which again equals 34 minutes. At this point the defenses become more solid especially those of the PSA which no longer allow the hosts to easily breach the iron. Bocchino calls for timeout to break the tempo of the game and allow his team to reorganize their thoughts. Tension builds on the pitch and errors start pouring in on both sides, some of them very questionable. Ragusa tries to keep his intensity high and turn the wind back in their favour, but the Neapolitans believe it until the end and rely on Scully (later released for spasms), Sgobba and Captain Cantoni experience a rush that leads their team to stay a step ahead. Chessari of the Charity line ties the guests first and then outlasts them but this weak advantage lasts quite a bit as Sgobba re-establishes parity at 39′ (80-80). At 47″ Sorrentino misses the basket from a long distance, instead Maggio first catches from outside the penalty area and then finishes the ball off the goal line by setting free throws worthy of Sant’Antimo’s 80-85 victory.

“It was a good performance by the boys – coach Pucino comments at the end of the game – that’s why we leave this Super Cup with our heads held high. Merit is for Sant’Antimo who managed to repair an important rupture to snatch victory. But I want to give the biggest praise to my players who managed one by one. Other than playing a competition such as the Super Cup with the proper spirit and behavior as required during the preparation. The foundations have been laid and I am confident that the impact of the tournament will be positive. Now let’s reset everything by closing this beautiful arc and immediately think about what we will face starting October 2 Let’s start at home with Monfalcone.”


partial: 22-19; 40-36; 64-54

VIRTUS RAGUSA: Franco Gaetano 25 (7/8, 1/1), Andrea Sorrentino 14 (1/4, 3/8), Matteo Zanetti 12 (2/4, 2/4), Giovanni Ianelli 11 (3/5, 1/4), Roberto Cesari 9 (2/4, 0/2), Filippo Valente 7 (0/1, 2/2), Vincenzo Festini 2 (1/3, 0/0), Bogdan Milojevic 0 (0/ 2, 0/2) Giovanni Tomino (0/0, 0/0), Enrico Mirabella, Kurt Cassar, Giovanni Guccione. The coach’s mouthpiece

PSA SANT’ANTIMO: Giorgio Sgobba 23 (3/3, 4/6), Guido Scali 20 (5/7, 3/6), Roberto Maggio 18 (0/4, 4/9), Marco Mennella 8 (3/9) 3, 0/2), Carlo Cantone 8 (2/3, 1/3), Andrea Corissa 4 (2/7, 0/0), Fabio Montanari 2 (0/0, 0/0), Flavio Canavina 2 ( 1/1, 0/0), Simon obinna Anaekwe 0 (0/2, 0/0), Streten Coralic ne. Coach Gandini

Referees: Giordano – Baresi