Leclerc has only one formula left to win the Formula One World Championship: it would take a disaster

Max Verstappen could already at the upcoming Grand Prix in Singapore sport the title of the 2022 Formula 1 world championship, but for Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc there is still a hypothetical mix of results in the last six races that would allow him to become world champion dramatically.

I 2022 Formula 1 World Championship When there are still six races left, it looks like he’s already made his verdict. Red Bull is about to return to the manufacturers’ throne then Max Verstappen With the impressive string of victories won by the French Grand Prix in the last race at Monza He practically staked out the second world title in his career. for him Most instant followers in the ranking In fact, he is a Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc Away from the day well 116 tall With only six grand prizes between now and the end of the season.

So it looks like the Dutchman just misses him math confirmation To put the second consecutive laurel on the bulletin board. same math However, it also leaves a tiny, almost negligible, possibility open Why, given the current situation, it would not only be Resounding results But also a historic comeback like we’ve never seen in the 72 years of Formula 1. In fact, there are still a bunch of results in the last six races (Plus this weekend’s Sprint from the Brazilian GP) 2022 Formula 1 World Champion Charles Leclerc will graduate. Obviously, and almost needless to say, A catastrophe must happen Why It will not be enough for Monaco to win the maximum number of points still available (164). If there is no real breakdown by the Dutch Red Bull.

In fact, Charles Leclerc will only be Formula 1 world champion if he wins the last six races Season always takes Extra point on fast lap e Max Verstappen was ranked in all races at the same time with a maximum of seventh place. In that case, Monegasque could also allow himself the luxury of not winning Interlagos Sprint . Race provided Don’t rank more than three places behind the current world championship leader. The combination of results, in addition to being very strange, at the moment seems to be close to impossible.

Certainly a lot The most realistic is the one that allows Max Verstappen to obtain the arithmetic certainty of the title With five races to go Already at the end of the next Grand Prix in SingaporeThe Dutchman will be the world champion if he wins at the end of the Marina Bay race At least 22 points on Leclerc (So ​​winning the max ninth Monaco Grand Prix, or winning fastest lap and maxing eighth Ferrari driver) And 13 points over teammate Sergio Perez (So ​​winning Mexico was the fourth most, but without the fastest lap.)