Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1 driver career

Lewis Hamiltonbritish idol Class 1985Mercedes driving, with Michael Schumacher, has become, Racer with more world titles From the history of the circus. Let’s see below to know more information about his glorious career.

Beginnings and first victories

It is certainly very interesting to discover the mathematical history of Hamilton: From the start with McLaren The First victory in 2008up to the last competition with Verstappen: it is really exciting to review all the stages of the exceptional sports track that has been recorded since its inception, A large number of followers of the audience and fans.

I Young Louis win in First world title in 2008with the McLaren is only 23 years old. Then there are six more titles, He won between 2014 and 2020 with Mercedes. These are just some of the extraordinary numbers about Lewis Hamilton, the most successful British driver in Formula One history, who can only be compared to Michael. Schumacher.

Before his first victory, the Mercedes driver, first-class 1985for the first time in Formula 1 in 2007 e Won a total of 7 world championships. Currently, given the commitment and willingness to keep winning, Hamilton aims to overtake Schumacher In terms of titles and victories. But to make this impressive leap, the Englishman will have to finally beat the competition of Max Verstappen, competitor of all time and also in recent years. GP for 2021held in Abu Dhabi.

The race in question, however, was run Sunday 12 December 2021 at Yas Marina Circuitplaced on a homonymous island, and won by the Dutch Max Verstappen be Red Bull Racing – Honda. Thus, the latter achieved his twentieth career success; Verstappen preceded the arrival of Briton Lewis Hamilton in a Mercedes And Spaniard Carlos Sainz Jr. in a Ferrari.

The main stages of Hamilton’s career

Below, in more detail, all the stages of Lewis Hamilton’s career.

After a period of training in the lesser-known minor formulas and tournaments, Louis In 2006, Hamilton managed to win the GP2 Championship. This success leads Della McLaren sponsor Ron Dennis ad get involved – get involved English champion Next Formula 1 Championship.

In the first category, the British driver, born in Stevenage on January 7, 1985, would confirm his fame as destined for victories. In fact, in season one he will remain at the top of the drivers’ standings for most of the championship, only giving way at the end of the season for Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari driver.

As mentioned above, the following year, or in 2008, at the helm of McLaren, his first title arrived, making him the youngest world champion in history at just 23 years, 9 months and 26 days (the record would be defeated in 2010 by Vettel) . After 2008, before winning the world championship again, the British driver had to wait a few years to reach the championship 2014.

It was of paramount importance, for the new victories cycle Hamilton’s move to Mercedes in 2013A team that has won 6 world championships with him so far. In 2014 and 2015 Turns out its main competitor is Teammate Nico Rosbergwhich, however, managed to establish itself in most competitions and championship races.

From 2014 to todayThe only season in which the English champion failed to win is 2016when he was ranked second in the drivers’ classification behind teammate Nico Rosberg.

Marking that tournament, in fact, the Brits finished the season in second place with 10 wins, 380 points, only 5 less than Rosberg.

I 2017 It was this year Hamilton’s comeback to victory. In fact, at the end of the season he ranked first with 363 points and 9 grand prizes.

Ferrari rivals and successes in recent years

After the duel in previous seasons with Nico Rosberg, in 2017 and 2018, the Stevenage driver had to deal mainly with Sebastian Vettel Ferrari and even then it was not easy to overcome the confrontation and the fight.

However, Hamilton has been able to bend Ferrari’s resistance since 2018 and also in a fairly easy way for him. That year, the hero collected 408 pointsto set the absolute record in the World Championships, With 11 hits and 17 platforms.

With the victory in 2018, Hamilton reached 5 world titles won by Juan Manuel Fangio in second place, behind Michael Schumacher with 7 world titles.

In the wake of this success, Lewis Hamilton has not stopped in recent years He also won the World Cup 2019 and 2020bringing you to Schumi a Share 7 titles.

In the 2021 Hamilton has won numerous Grand Prix races, including victories in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Sao Paulo, Russia, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal and Bahrain.

Sunday September 11, 2022on the Monza racetrack, the English champion was placed in fifth place, Always at the wheel of his Mercedes.

Another unmissable curiosity about the pilot

Lewis’ parents are Anthony Hamilton and Carmen Larpallister. The pilot’s mother’s family is originally from England, while his father’s family comes from Grenada in the Caribbean.

In several interviews, the British driver said that his father, having understood his son’s natural talent, in order to get him in a carriage and secure an opportunity for him, got into debt.

Not everyone knows that outside the circles, Hamilton usually appears eccentric, lively and colorful.

As if that weren’t enough, other distractions consist of several tattoos, including a lion drawing on the chest, and “44” (his car number) behind the right ear.

Football is also one of his passions. He filmed himself with Theo Walcott, the former Arsenal player, inside the Emirates Stadium, the home of Arsenal, the team that Hamilton cheers for.

Last modified: September 20, 2022