Live Minnesota – Milan-Napoli (1-2): Giroud is not enough, an undeserved defeat

Milan loses, but returns home realizing that the performance was at the highest level and thus responds to the many “gossips” about a hypothetical Milan without Liao. The Rossoneri play, but in the end they pay defensive neglect.

97′ ends here. Milan 1-2 Napoli.

96′ another corner kick, Milan back to the flag.

94′ Milan corner. Free the Naples defense.

91′ A change in Naples: Mario Rui on the outside and Oliveira on the inside.

90′ Six minutes of recovery.

88′ zirbin is reserved.

87′ A change in Naples: outside Kvaratskellia and Zelensky, inside Ndombele and Elmas.

86′ via Milan!!! Milan restarted with Theo, assisted Kalulu who followed the movement, and dry to the right who hit the crossbar.

84 & # 39; Adly is right from a distance, Merritt blocks.

81′ A change in Milan: outside De Ketelaere, inside Adly.

79′ Napoli chance. Zerbin enters the area and kicks, Mignan responds present.

77′ Napoli goal. Mario Rui’s cross, Simeone takes the lead over Tomori and scores the goal 2-1.

74 & # 39; Beautiful work by Milan ends with a conclusion in the race for the Giro. Missed the target.

73′ Fault by Tomori on Anguissa: Yellow for the English.

69′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!!! Great move from Milan: it all starts from De Ketelaere who finds Theo in the deep, a cross to Giroud who only has to support the goal. 1-1!

67 & # 39; Merritt saves Napoli again. Jeb de Kitleri to Messias, who kicked the first intent and the Napoli goalkeeper managed to swerve.

65′ Double change for both teams: from Saelemaekers and Krunic, in Messias and Brahim Diaz. In Naples outside Politano and Raspadori, inside Zerbin and Simeone.

64 & # 39; Zielinisku straight from outside the penalty area, the ball ending at the bottom.

62′ Rahmani is reserved.

59 & # 39; Mancino di Saelemaekers from afar: a ball in the curve.

56′ AC Milan react! Saelemaekers cross, Theo Hernandez reaches the far post and heads the goal but finds Di Lorenzo’s wall.

54 & # 39; Napoli goal, Politano. He senses Megan but fails to deviate.

52′ Penalty kick against Napoli. Krunic warned of protests.

51′ VAR! Possible penalty for Napoli.

47′ Napoli chance. Raspadori enters the zone and tries to finish the match but Tomori steals time and the ball as well.

45 & # 39; The recovery begins with a double change in Milan: outside Kjaer and Calabria, inside Kalulu and Dest.

A positive first half for the Rossoneri, who made a lot, but failed to score. The two most important occasions of the match date back to Pioli’s team: first with Giroud, who hit the crossbar after a miracle by Meret, and then with Krunic, who is still battling a corner kick with the Napoli goalkeeper. A note for these first forty-five minutes: Calabria and Kjeer were warned.

45′ end of the first half.

44′ Calabria dismisses Kvaratskhelia, Milan captain booked.

41′ Naples Corner. Crossing Zielinski, Tomori frees the area from the threat.

37′ cross from Bennacer’s trocar, Crony swerves with his head but the ball ends.

35′ Zieliniski crosses for Politano who is trying to surprise Minyan with his header, but the Rossoneri goalkeeper is cautious and stops everything.

30′ Another excellent maneuver for Milan with Tonali, an assist for Kronik who kicked in stretches but Rhamani hit in a side foul.

28′ Another corner kick for the Rossoneri, this time not finding de Kettleri header.

27′ AC corner. Bennacer’s cross, Krunic headed to the far post and Meret saved Naples with another miracle.

26′ free kick Milan. Tonali Al-Sam’s oath, Rahamani distracts from a corner kick.

25 ‘Great job from Milan! Krunich hunch de Kettleri, who put the ball into the zone of first intention and Giroud, attempting an impossible scorpion, takes the ball off a Calabria header who can hit from a good position.

21′ Theo Hernandez crossed from behind and Giroud headed but missed the goal.

18′ Zieliniski’s Punishment, De Ketelaere makes a wall.

17′ Bad foul by Kjaer on Kvaratskhelia, Rossoneri center booked.

13′ via Milan!!!! Krunich’s enlightening pass for Giroud on the edge of the area, the Frenchman turned around, concluded with his left hand and bypassed Meret, deflecting the shot off the crossbar.

12 & # 39; Tonali’s cross, Giroud takes the time and hits a falling header, but the score ends.

10′ cross from Politano, Minnen covers the ball’s exit: goal kick for Milan.

8′ De Ketelaere found Theo on the left, a cross from the Frenchman who ended up in a line.

6′ high roll for the Rossoneri. Hurr Rahamani, Theo coordinates from the edge, Giroud swerves but the ball ends.

3 & # 39; Milan’s first corner, rejects Napoli’s defense.

1 ‘Let’s go! The Rossoneri moves the first ball.

– A reminder in memory of the victims in the Marche.

Teams enter the field: Milan in the Rossoneri suit, Napoli in the blue jersey.

Friends of Welcome to the San Siro where Milan and Napoli will compete in a few moments on the occasion of the postponement that will conclude the seventh day of the tournament and the start of the break for the national teams. The Rossoneri came from the Champions League win over Dinamo Zagreb, and put themselves first in Group E, while Spalletti beat Rangers. It will be a must-try match between two teams at the top of the standings. Stay with us to experience all the emotions of this big game!

Official lineups:

Milan (4-2-3-1): Minyan. Calabria, Kajir, Tomori, Theo; Bennacer, Tonali; Saelemaekers, De Ketelaere, Krunic; Jerrod. Desp: Mirante, Tatarusano, Gabia, Kalolo, Dest, Thiao, Palo Toure, Boubiga, Franks, Bakayoko, Brahim Diaz, Adly, Messias, Laztec. All: Bewley

Naples (4-3-3): Merritt; DiLorenzo, Kim; Rahmani, Mario Roy; Anxiety, Lobotka, Zelensky; Politano, raspberry, Kvaratskhelia. Des: Sirigu, Marvela, Juan Jesus, Ostegaard, Oliveira, Zanoli, Elmas, Gaetano, Ndombele, Zerben, Lozano, Simeone. All: Spalletti.