The “Dino Zoli” Foundation headquarters in Forli hosted the Final Four show of the Supercoppa LNP 2022 Old Wild West. The event, which takes place at the end of the quarter-finals scheduled for tomorrow evening, with the eight main teams in the Serie A2 and Serie B scoreboards, will take place on Friday 23, with the semi-finals, and on Saturday 24, with the finalists, at the Unieuro Arena of Forl .

Dino Zuli (President of the Dino Zuli Group) – “Our foundation is concerned with supporting social issues at a general level, but is particularly focused on sports. We are therefore pleased to welcome you on this occasion. Basketball is the reference sport in the city, and I feel the excitement and enthusiasm for those around us: as a group that is involved in supporting the company, it makes us really happy.”
Monica Zolli (Dino Zolli Collection) – “Art, culture and sport are the cornerstones of our foundation’s activity. Our relationship with the city’s most popular sport has been going on for years and we are proud to continue this collaboration. At the moment we are hosting the exhibition Art and Business: Celebrating 50 years of entrepreneurial activity, an exhibition that connects the life of the company with the passion for art and its diversity.”
Daniel Mezacabo (Deputy Mayor of Forli, in charge of sports) -”We chose not to miss this opportunity at the LNP Final Four Super Cup, a beautiful show for the city. As management we want to suggest the most beautiful events that can be hosted, and recognizing the enthusiasm that the team generates in the city, we did not hesitate. It will also be a tourism opportunity for Forlì: in the projects we present and host, we always try to combine sports, tourism and culture and we will work as hard as we can to consolidate this bond. I congratulate those who have allowed us to propose and organize the event, with the hope that it will be the first in a long series.”
Giancarlo Nicosanti (President of Unieuro Pallacanestro 2.015 Forlì) – “I thank the Dino Zoli Foundation for their hospitality. It’s an important moment for us: in seven years of history, after the 2015 re-establishment, we tried to build a project starting from solid foundations. Among these is the importance we give to the youth sector, in which we have invested a lot. Event Attendance: We are delighted to soon enjoy what will surely be a good sporting show. Which will bring in fans from all over Italy and will give the opportunity for many Fulfifians to watch the high-level matches at the Unieuro Arena. For us, it is an honor to host this event and, in agreement with the municipality, we have decided to continue with the project: a city like ours also deserves to live and attend a pioneering show. Spain has won a European Championship with many young people, young people are the future of any project and we thought of a series of initiatives to bring many young people into the gym.”
Massimo Varoni (Secretary General of the Liberian National Police) – “It’s good to be in a place like this, we thank Dino Zuli for the hospitality because culture, sports and social commitment are the values ​​that LNP also hold and that we invest in from a business point of view. Forlì is the city of basketball and basketball and I thank Giancarlo Nicosanti, Renato Pasquale, the company and the staff for providing a very important and necessary collaboration to organize this event. Which will bring A2 and B teams from all over Italy here to Forli. The tournament begins in 15 days, the LNP is the League of Italians and Young Italians. Basketball should be a sport close to families, and our reality, which provides a large space for the Italian players produced by our nurseries, is ideal for bringing together the common goals of the LNP and the participants who invest important resources in the youth sectors with great merit. . Of which Pallacanestro 2.015 Forlì is an example. In a city that has fond memories for me, winning two Italian youth titles.”
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