Lovary Cup – Raer Venezia checks out Bertram Derzona in the last stadium

Day two of the Lovari Trophy in Lucca, quadrangle, where finalists Reyer Venezia and Bertram Derthona face off at 9:00pm to win the championship after a fine display by Brescia and Virtus Bologna in the final third place. JP Makura and Riccardo Tavernelli don’t play with Bertram either. For Venice, commentator Morashini Michael Pramos sits in the stands, retired, while Amedeo Tesitori, who has just returned from the Azzurri national team, plays the deaf on the field among the 12 players.

Yesterday’s results:
German Brescia – Umana Rier Venice 79-83 (summary link)
Virtus Segafredo Bologna – Bertram Yachting Dirtona Tortona 76-83 dts (link summary).

Third place in the final: German Brescia – Virtus Bologna 80-87 (summary link).

1Q Watt and Willis opened 4-0 at Bertram. But Semag Creston leads Tortona back 0-12 with a hat-trick from Filoni who, with 6’01” forces De Raffaele to timeout. On the other hand, on the other hand, Harper earns two free throws. Derthona wastes a couple of interesting counter-stretch attacks, Only with 4’29’ Brooks scores two free throws 6-14 on the line. 1/2 instead for Daum. Raer still struggles, Creston scores but misses the assistant. Venice finds a lucky basket 8-17 with 2’01”. Radosevic scored from an offensive rebound, making a triple on the next lap, entering in the last minute. De Nikolaou intercepts a hat-trick, Radosevic makes good use of a mismatch with Granger 11-23 to 10′.

2Q – Harper doubled at 11′. And with 7’50” it repeats for 11-29. Granger also arrives to unlock Reyer somewhat impaled compared to yesterday. Another lucky basket for Venice with Park scoring the extra points, but basically attacking needs a break 17-29 with 5′ 32″. Oruganata was saved by the defense, who with only 4’35” conceded two points from the bottom to Caen. De Rafael timed. Freeman resumed with a counter-attack, Willis got two free throws on Filloy, Di Nicolau on Creston 4/4 +8 Tortona. With 2’33 “Christon does everything himself but Parks puts the triple down 26-33. The gun appears to have been revived with Willis, and Kriston brakes it with two free bullets. However, Tortona collapses, and there is also a non-sports character for Daum on Parks, Freeman puts the trivalent at 20”. So at 20′ the score is 35-35. Parks 8 points, Harper 11.

3Q – 1/2 of Harper on the line after 1′. Dim defenses, no points, only with 6’49” Filoni can counterattack unobstructed 35-38. Shot timeout. Three-point game by Watt gets new parity at 38. Watt tries with 5’29” again Successfully + 3 Rayer. Creston loses the ball, Freeman taps and takes off. Jordan Parks extends the streak to 45-38, Kandy sets the triple, and tries again for 47-44 with 3′. Parks again, off the line this time +5 Reyer. Cain successfully makes his way to the Uruganata region. Granger’s loss, Candy’s counterattack, De Nicolau is unsportsmanlike with 2’03”. 0/2 from Tortona play, and nothing else. Sima sends Creston +1 Human over the edge. Freeman lets rifle breathe five points in a row, Parks scores 1/2 free for 55-48 at 30 minutes.

4Q – Filloy and Severini start again by placing three straight 55-54 with 9’00”. Harper Severini serves to pass with 8’32”. In the aftermath comes Candy’s bombshell, then the 0-8 break is closed by Watt in a 57-59 dip with 7’30”. Watt in a tie. De Raphael insists with Brooks Willis and Watt together, but Harper intercepts and crushes on the counterattack. No Freeman still equates to 61 with 6’00”. Radosevic of two, Freeman of three, Willis foul that sends Harper 0/2 on 35th. Freeman fires through the retina with another three, imitates Harper with 4’30” and Granger joins the party. Tortona’s attack stalls, Freeman flies at break +6 Rier with 3 minutes to play. Another run for Harper at the 2/2 streak. Filloy with 1’50” writes -1 new, Watt collects two free throws for Cain’s foul with 1’30”. 49″ at the end, due to De Raffaele +2 Derthona’s timeout. Triple from Granger, double overtaking for Christon. Do this in parks with 4 inches to the siren, throw the gun back, use the force Willis and pass forward. Bertram timeouts a 1″ and throws into the attack. Siren’s shot for Fleoy bounces off the first iron. Siren.

Rier Venice – Bertram Derzona 79-78.

Rare Venice: Sima 2, Granger 11, Freeman 22, Chillo, Parks 13, De Nicolao 5, Brooks 4, Minincleri, Willis 6p + 12r, Tessitori, Watt 16.

Bertram Derzona: Creston 12, Erica, Candy 9, Tandia, Felloe 6, Severini 8, Harper 21, Daum 5, Caen 4p + 7r, Radosevic 8, Filoni 5.