Lovary Cup – Venice wins sprint against Tortona with a watt basket

Umana Rier Venice – Bertram Yacht Dirtona Basket 78-79

Human Reyer: Sima 2, Granger 11, Freeman 22, Chillo, Parks 13, De Nicolao 5, Brooks 4, Minincleri ne, Willis 6, Tessitori ne, Watt 16. Att. De Raffaele.

Derthona Baskett: Creston 12, Erica N, Candy 9, Tandia N, Veloy 6, Severini 8, Harper 21, Daum 5, Caen 4, Radosevic 8, Filoni 5. Alle Ramondino.

Umana Reyer wins the Lovari Cup in Lucca by defeating Derthona in the final at the end of an intense and challenging match, thanks to a great throw-in with a decisive entry from Watt with a second from the finish, Freeman the best player on the team. The next date of the Urogranata is on Tuesday 20 September at 8.00 pm: Arrival of the European champions (all except Larkin) from Anadolu Efes to Taliercio.

L’Umana parte con Granger, Freeman, Parks, Willis e Watt.
The orogranata immediately attacks the paint with Watt and Granger, and Tortona effectively relies on the shot from the outside and runs forward on the score. Watt arrives for both penalties and makes way for Cellu.
Tortona often look for quick transition baskets.
The oruganata with the bouncing balls remains tied to the game with Brooks Champion. Di Nikolaou and Radosevic scored the last of the baskets in the first quarter.
11-23 Tortona after 10′.

Orogranata is not in the evening of blessing the shot: many errors even after I found the open solution. After Harper’s Bomb, Umana shortens the distance with Granger and Parks (2+1).
A great save by Watt on Cain, but the opponent’s basket does not accept the orogranata shots that the team is constantly seeking. A human who is good at defending at this point in the race, Freeman starts the game by recovering.
Short Umana again with Willis, de Nicolau and Parks, but above all with defense.
Stupatuna Willis (10 rebounds in the first half) pushes the oruganata, which is achieved with the gardens.
Freeman’s trilogy at the end of the segment affects the race. 35-35 in the interval.

The teams struggled to pick up their pace at the start of the second half due to fatigue as well. The urogranata continues to cooperate in attack and defence. Watt slips into two straight three-point games, taking the lead for Umana who continues to refine the defense, Freeman’s superb attack and Parks offensive rebounding basket.
Candy Tortona bombs are close together. Freeman still scored, with Parks changing in and defending everyone, at the end of the break. 55-48 human after three quarters.

Two bombs, by Filloy and Severini, bring Tortona closer together, which then continues with Severini himself and the Candi trio (who then goes out due to mistakes). Brooks returns to act as a junior striker, and Watt hits the game with a cool move.
Q&A Now, Freeman goes up to 20 character points, ablaze. Harper comes in at 18, but it was still Granger and Freeman who hit. Crazy bombshell from Filloy, Watt messed up and he’s accurate in the line, once again Harper. Severini at 49 inches from the finish puts Tortona forward with a 74-76 grenade. Great trilogy of leader Granger, Creston responds with a lie down. De Rafael’s timeout for possession of the last 4″ to play. The great orogranata throw is closed by Watt’s tap-in supporting the new + Reyer with 1 second to play. The triple final of Filloy does not enter.