Marc Marquez, digging from Lorenzo’s father: very difficult words

Chicho Lorenzo commented on what happened to Marc Marquez at the start of the MotoGP race in Aragon: There is no shortage of criticism.

There was great anticipation for a comeback Marc Marquez In MotoGP and advertising Aragon It had a lot of lights. It was important to compete in the Grand Prix to check his physical condition, after participating in the Misano Adriatico test.

Marc Marquez (ANSA)

The eight-time world champion did free practice and qualify in an effort to prepare himself as best he could for the race. On Sunday, he started from 13th, and at the start was too good to immediately climb up to 6th. However, his race was already over on the first lap.

When exiting the third turn, he lost his ass Honda was Stocked by Fabio Quartararo, which left him a piece of Yamaha stuck on the RC213V. Next, the Spaniard turned on the e . reducer The situation got worseHe was unable to control the bike, which also caused Takaki Nakagami to fall. Return to the box and withdrawal is inevitable.

Motorcycle, Lorenzo Chicho you Marc Marquez

Chicho Lawrence On his YouTube channel “Motogepeando” he commented on what happened after the start of the MotoGP race in Aragon: “The truth is that I lost interest in watching after Quartarro retired. What happened seems unfair to me. Look at how many riders are conditioned in this way to start the race. Mark did not achieve his goal, not letting his opponents or teammates catch up to him. It made Fabio’s tournament more difficult and it’s very unfair“.

Mark drove several kilometers over the weekend and this was important to his and Honda’s physical recovery. But it was important to test his fitness in competition father Jorge Lorenzo It’s a little awkward with the way the Honda rider started out.

He also has doubts about how to explain the incident to him Nakagami Shortly after meeting Quartararo: “I saw that he went to look for the good line. I noticed the bike was swerving sideways to look for that line and it turned out that it hadn’t yet finished getting past and touching Nakagami. Then he justified himself by saying that he would never do such a thing to a fellow brand. I do not believe his interpretations, they do not suit me. I saw a pilot out of control“.

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Chicho Lorenzo thinks it was Marquez that got out of hand, not Honda because of a Yamaha piece that got stuck between the swingarm and the RC213V tire. The Cervera rider has explained this version several times and there is no reason not to believe it, but Jorge’s father is not at all convinced.