Top flight National Basketball It will start from October 2 and end in 2023 on May 7. As for the Super Cup, it is scheduled for September 28 and 29. Among the teams that will battle to win the title, there is certainly Milan, fresh from winning the last tournament, with the additional goal of the Coppa Italia. team led by Ettore Messina So you will be opposed to beating all the others who aspire to first place in the ranking.

This year too, therefore, Virtus, with Milan, would prefer to win the Scudetto, as evidenced by the odds of bookmakers such as 1bet. Virtus Bologna reached the final of the qualifiers last year, winning the Italian Super Cup and the Confederation Cup in succession Eurocop. An Italian won the European Club Championship in 2022 for the first time in history.

Wanting to keep an eye on the stalkers too, it must be remembered that the gap is very large. can be mentioned Venice and Sassari But these teams are not able to compete, at least on paper, with the favorites. Virtus Bologna was also a champion in European basketball, With three players participating in the national team: Mannion and Pajola with Italy; Ismail Baku with Belgium.

Olympia Milan won the Italian Cup for the eighth time in the previous season by winning Derthona basket. In the course of the championship matches, Milan imposed themselves on Virtus Bologna and managed to snatch the final title. In Bologna he had come to the bench Sergio ScarelloWith the Supercup and Eurocup victories, the team returned to the Euroleague.

Both Bologna and Milan have had some very important successes but also other teams like Venice, Sassari, Reggio Emilia, Brindisi, Brescia and Trento It should be followed with great care. Betting on one of these strangers may be an ideal strategy to hope for unexpected payouts.

However, the big names haven’t made a major restructuring in the squad and appear on first dates with teams looking for reconfirmation. names Kevin Bangus who arrived in Milan and Yves Lundberg who married in Bologna Virtus.

Sunday 2 October The debut date will be decided and we will see what the actual values ​​are on the pitch. Betting sector operators are ready to change the odds even at the last minute, regarding injuries and rumours.

On the other hand, the forecasts for the two favorites, which remain in the lead in forecasts from experts, should not differ. Some users of online betting sites choose to play it safe and bet on it Olympia Milan or Virtus Bologna, by taking a very easy prediction by maximizing the odds of winning. In other circumstances, unpredictability may be preferred, trying to determine what would be a surprise that amaze everyone. Sports like basketball are beautiful precisely because nothing is safe or obvious.

The first posts will experience the following challenges:

  • Universe Treviso – Reggiana
  • Venice – Scafati
  • Varese – Dynamo Sassari
  • Naples – Virtus Bologna
  • Dirtona – Trento
  • Olympia Milan – Brescia
  • Trieste – VL Pesaro
  • Verona – Brindisi

to see him A direct clash between Virtus Bologna and Olympia Milan You have to wait for the thirteenth day. On January 2, 2023 there will be the Challenge at the top, which is supposed to see the teams that take first and second places in the lottery. However, the predictions are destined to be overturned.

Basketball fans are already looking for convenient odds: discover the welcome bonuses for signing up for betting sites. Bet on Basketball League A, with Virtus Bologna and Olympia Milan preferred the season’s success.