Medvedev: “I lost first place, but I don’t cry for it”

Daniel Medvedev, lost #1 in New York

Russian Daniil Medvedev didn’t test the summer on concrete in North America he had hoped for. It’s the part of the season he revealed to the huge audience that gave him his first slam career, last year in New York. This year he presented himself in North America by winning the Los Cabos Championships (the first in 2022, ATP 250), and he failed to confirm that success with his stellar performances in other events. Burnt out a second-round defeat (for him for the first time) at the Canadian Open, losing to Kyrgios Premier this summer, then being defeated by Tsitsipas in Cincinnati, in a tournament where he struggled to find quality in his game, and finally at the US Open. Once again Kyrgios knocked him out of the tournament in the round of 16, thus preventing the defense of the 2021 title. He lost many points in the standings and above all that first place he held for 16 weeks.

Medvedev is back in racing this week in Metz, France. At the tournament entry press conference, he said he was confident he could play an excellent indoor season, one of the conditions in which tennis is most lucrative. He also returned to losing first place in the standings, a situation he appears to have faced with a separate “philosophy”. Here are his words on the subject.

“Honestly, I didn’t suffer much from losing first place. The ranking is a result of your results, and if you look at the US Tour, I didn’t collect enough points to stay in first or even second or third. While Casper Ruud, Carlos Alcaraz and Rafa Nadal, who scored They also won two Grand Slam titles at the beginning of the year, more points. It makes sense. I’m not sorry, there is no reason to cry. I can only tell myself that I have to do better if I want to return to number one in the future. “.

Instead of the past, he looks confidently ahead: “The season part of the indoor tournaments is important to me. I like to play indoors, I only find good things in this part of the season. There is a lot of difference and you have to adapt. Paris and the ATP finals are the bigger tournaments. Tournaments Ahead of Paris, I’m so excited. Plus, there’s no other Grand Slam tournament on the horizon and it’s the only time in the season that you can play without that pressure. Moreover, the Australian Open comes very quickly after the end of the season and from It is very important to gain confidence at the end of the year. It is the best way to prepare for the next season and especially the Australian Open. For me, it is important to win as many points as possible in the indoor round to get the highest possible rating in Melbourne in 2023.”

Daniel believes that he can win a lot in the last tournaments of 2022, and raise his performance very high: “I did the math and with all the tournaments I’m going to play, I can earn a maximum of 3750 points. It would be impossible to get to all of them, but 2500 or 3000, so why not It would be nice to end the year like this. If I can collect a lot of points, I will have the opportunity to return to first place next year.”

Medvedev will appear in Melbourne as one of the finalists, after the defeat to Nadal last January.