Memorial Potassine | Davies decisive, AC Milan beat Pizarro in comeback in Vigevano

© Photo by Savino Paulella

L ‘Olympia Milan Wins Vigevano’s comeback on Carpegna Pesaro Ham With a final score of 72-70. A semi-siren basket by Brandon Davies, owner of 21 points, 12 of which are in the second half, the match was decided after coach Messina’s side also reached -26.

First Half – Olympia immediately began to shrink, missing the first four shots and accumulating four times in the first four minutes. Naturally Pizarro (five times in the first quarter, three of them by Quam Chetham) immediately advanced in an active fashion, and also led by 12 points 25-15 before the end of the first quarter (the most effective in Milan was Deschon Thomas with 3 and 3/4 from the edge). The second quarter was a shocking seven-and-a-half minutes at least, as Pizarro continued to shoot and score (eight times in the first half) and Olympia remained particularly far from defending. It’s down 26 points below, before changing gear in defense, causing shooting errors and turning turns into transitional possibilities. With two successive times, Kevin Pangos brought the team back to speed, which in 150, not even, devoured half the gap to minus 13 (the long jump on Thomas’ whistle with the help of Pangos).

The second half – Olympia attacked his opponent at the beginning of the third quarter and with two triples from Billy Barron led by Bangus, a better defense rose to minus four. After Pissarro struggled in the first half of the period, he recovered with the Tamboni and Kravic indoor match, regaining a 13-point difference, then narrowing again to 10, 60-50 at the end of the period. Olympia had the advantage of trying to come back also in the fourth period, gradually reducing the margin and getting great results from Brandon Davis’ home game. He searched five times in a row in the low post and scored four baskets in a row and was exposed to an error (1/2). This was the key to the final comeback. Olympia hit first at minus 2:29 from the siren and passed with Kyle Haynes in minus 1:10. After Dejan Kravic scored, in the last possession, Bangus Davis served again in the winning basket, 72-70.

Notes – Absentees at Olympia are Stefano Tonot, Shavon Shields, Gigi Datum, Pepo Ricci, Niccolo Meli, Johannes Voigtmann, Paul Pelega. The next Olympia match will be pre-season in Athens against Maccabi in the “Gianakopoulos Cup”.

Olympia Milan Foil Pesaro 72-70 (15-25; 34-47; 50-60)

Milan: Davies 21 (8/11, 5/8 tl), Thomas 11 (2/3, 1/1, 4/6 tl), Mitrou-Long 2 ((0/2, 0/1, 2/2 tl) , Pangos 13 (1/2, 3/6, 2/4 tl), Baron 10 (2/3, 2/4), Hall 6 (3/5, 0/2), Baldasso, Kostrzewski 2 (1/1) ), Alviti 3 (1/3 da 3), Hines 4 (2/3).

BizarroAbd al-Rahman 13, Tambon 9, Moretti 3, Visconti 7, Charalambopoulos 9, Chatham 9, Kravic 10, Mazola 2, Totti 8, Stazonelli, Dia.