Milan and Leo: Family, Pioli and Ibra are essential

The Portuguese from Milan talks about himself in the “Outpump” between football, fashion and music: “Where I come from, they all seem invisible. Now I want to become the owner of the national team “

When asked which song characterizes him best, he mentioned Cabo Plaza. “Maybe the ‘young star'”. Dedicated title among other things, with text saying: “Tell me how we are. Star player Yes, Leo Messi”. Leo smiles. In an interview with Outpump, a magazine founded in 2016 that deals primarily with fashion and music, the Portuguese spoke about himself on the tour. His origins, his rap music, his album, his interests and of course Milan, since his arrival in his relationship with Ibra.


It begins in Almada, the district of Setúbal, where he was born and raised: “Where you come from everyone seems invisible. Here no one looks at you and no one wants to look at you. Through football, music and fashion, I want to show all the children in my neighborhood and similar neighborhoods that they can do this, regardless of their origins. However, one thing is key: never forget where you come from.” And the difficulties she faced: “I am thinking of traveling with my father on the train. I was young and we didn’t know how to pay for tickets to get to the camp. I think of him meditating every night, before going to bed, looking for a way to bring money and food home. Football was my dream, my family was able to give me the tools to make it happen. She was always close to me.”


The relationship with music developed in France in Lille: “Aconi introduced me to French rap. Those songs helped me learn a new language, then the passion increased and I decided to write, record and release my tracks. Inside Milan’s changing rooms, in the weeks after the release of my album, it was not done Listening only to my own music, to the point that some of my teammates made fun of me. Without malice eh but to support me. I had the opportunity in Milan to communicate directly and make connections with many artists: Lazza, Capo Plaza, Sfera, above all. I would like to be Being able to partner with them. Models? Basically, I listen to everything and everyone, and I play Ed Sheeran songs too.”

Ibra and Bewley

Liao won the Serie A title last year and was the best player in Serie A, a long journey that began in 2019: “The first two years were difficult. Life in France was different. When you join such a team, you know you have to be a winner. You You feel it, you live it. However, after a transition, I became another person and another player.” Liao also spoke about who was central to his growth: “My family, Beaulie and Ibra. I keep him close to me every day. He is an example. She taught me the importance of question and focus. We always talk. Not as professionals or teammates, but as men. Now I want to become the protagonist and become a key player.” In Portugal. And if there is a chance of winning, that would be very cool.”

He and fashion

Leao also has a fashion brand called “Son is Son”. “You can get out of your area, but your neighborhood won’t get out of you. My dad was the one who got me hooked. When I had to get out, he stopped me in front of the mirror to check on me. My mom was a hairdresser, but he was the one who shaved my hair. When I was a kid I wore it for a long time, then One day at school they gave me a ‘little girl’ and then cut it for me on the spot. My dream was to create a brand. In Italy, I’m lucky enough to participate in fashion weeks too. Football, music and fashion have so many connections, I want to pursue my passion.”