Moto GB | 2022 Japanese Grand Prix according to Brembo |

Editorial Board – September 22, 2022 – 2:45 pm

Here is Brembo’s preview for the MotoGP Japan GP 2022

With the onset of autumn, MotoGP is moving to the Far East where four GPs will be held this year, including Australia. According to Brembo technicians who work closely with all 24 first class riders, the Twin Ring Motegi is one of the most demanding circuits for the brakes. On a scale of 1 to 6, he deserved a difficulty index of 6.

MotoGP bikes use a road circuit that features a few fast and slow corners, punctuated by mid-length straight lines: there are even 7 curves that bikes encounter at under 100 km/h. The abundance of curves from second gear in particular makes it one of the most demanding brakes due to the difficulty of cooling the discs between brakes.

Giant Brembo Motorcycle Disc

To better handle the more severe circuitry of the braking system, in 2022 at MotoGP Brembo introduced 355mm ventilated carbon discs surrounding the 340mm models. These discs have already been used in tests in Sepang, Jerez and Barcelona and in the race in Spielberg, to the satisfaction of the riders.

The regulation also states that for safety reasons in the Motegi, Spielberg and Buriram circuits, riders choose between these 355mm and 340mm discs, prohibiting 320mm discs which, on the other hand, remain usable in all other GPs. The restraints are of course not valid in the case of wet sweat because the braking force is lower.

sunflower test

Up to 10 of 14 corners of the Twin Ring Motegi require the use of the brakes and for 5 of them use exceeds 4 seconds. In the first corner, braking lasts 5 seconds, and it is necessary to lose 228 km / h. Thanks to her and subsequent braking sections, the motorcyclists on each lap use the brakes for 34 seconds, which is a third of the Japanese Grand Prix.

Also of note is the fifth turn braking, which requires a 5.6kg winch load while the BremboHTC 64T brake fluid reaches a pressure of 12 bar. When you add up all the forces the rider exerts on the Brembo brake lever from the start to the checkered flag, the value approaches 9 and a half quintals.

tough five

Of the 10 braking sections on the circuit, 5 are the most demanding on the brakes; While 2 are of medium difficulty and 3 are light.

The most stressful for the braking system is the 11 turn at 90 degrees: MotoGP bikes get there at 311 km/h and brake for the 5.3 seconds needed to drop to 81 km/h. During this time, the riders exert a load on the winch of 6.2kg while the bikes are going 230m and the brake fluid pressure increases to 13.3bar.

Image and text source: Brembo