Moto GB | Japan Grand Prix: Back to Motegi, information and schedules


Three years after the last race MotoGP He returns to Motegi at the Japanese Grand Prix, the 16th stage of the 2022 World Championships. In the land “Sunrise” The three classes will be participating in an unusual weekend because the Friday morning sessions will not take place due to logistical difficulties. Pay attention to the weather, typhoon Nanmadol could put Friday and Saturday spells at risk. Let’s find out the main information and dates of the Japanese tour. For us fans, breakfasts are back with croissants, cappuccinos and MotoGP!

motoob | Quartarro and with a song divided into 10 points

This weekend when HRC will celebrate 40 years of activity, Fabio Quartararo and Francesco “Pico” Bagnaia could trade positions at the top of the drivers’ standings. New from scratch in Aragon, Quartararo now has just 10 points of margin over the Ducati rider, who has since regained 81 points for the current champion. After the downfall of Sachsenring, in fact, Bagnaia and the Ducati Factory changed hands by winning four consecutive races and signing five podiums in a row, most recently at MotorLand.

Between the mistake made in the Netherlands by Quartararo and Yamaha struggling to keep up with Italian bikes, the current world champion saw a large portion of the gap built up in the first half of the championship. From Motegi onwards, it will start a small season in which Quartararo and Banaya will compete for the title, without underestimating Alex, as he finished third after just 17 points from the top. If Aprilia can return to victory with the 33-year-old Catalan, we can talk about him “Trillo” for the crown

Rider Motogi stats in Motegi

Rider Motogi stats in Motegi

MOTO2 | 7 points between Fernandes and Ogura

The fight is still open in the Intermediate category, the category in which Augusto Fernandez earned 3 points over Ogura in the final round of Aragon. On the eve of the race in Motegi, the distance between the two champions is 7 points while hopes of getting back to the bone are dwarfed by both Kané (-37 points) and above all for Viti, 52 points behind the team. leader. In the last race in Japan, the class win went to Luca Marini, the 2019 edition winner ahead of Thomas Lüthi – current PruestelGP Team Principal – and Jorge Martin.



MOTO3 | Guevara must return on the highway to Motegi Garcia

After winning an intense Aragon duel with Ayumu Sasaki, Izan Guevara extended the World Championships and reached the Mobility Resort in Motegi with a 33-point lead over his companion and rival Sergio Garcia, who is hoping to change course to bring the Moto3 World Championship stalemate. All other riders will be able to play the role of real judges, starting with Dennis Fujia and Ayomo Sasaki, who are in turn engaged in a personal competition for third place.

As on the Moto2, the top of the podium in 2019 was marked by the colors of the Italian flag. Lorenzo Dalla Porta won the Japanese Grand Prix, capturing the first of his three consecutive victories that crowned him at the end of the year as world champion.

Motegi circle

Motegi circle

  • Length: 4.8 km
  • Turns: 14 (8 right – 6 left)
  • Longest straight line: 762 meters (cycle 10-11)
  • Moto 3 race distance: 20 laps (96 km)
  • Moto race distance 2: 22 laps (105.6 km)
  • MotoGP Speedway: 24 laps (115.2 km)

Japan GP 2022 Program and Schedule

Friday 23 September

  • 06:15 | Moto3 – Free Trials 1
  • 07:10 | Moto2 – Free Trials 1
  • 08:05 | MotoGP – Free Training 1

Saturday 24 September

  • 02:00 | Moto3 – Free Trials 2
  • 02:55 | Moto2 – Free Trials 2
  • 03:50 | MotoGP – Free Training 2
  • 05:35 | Moto3 – Qualifiers
  • 06:30 | Moto2 – Qualifiers
  • 07:25 | MotoGP – Free Training 3
  • 08:05 | MotoGP – Qualifiers

Sunday 25 September

  • 03:00 | Moto3 – Warm-up
  • 03:20 | Moto2 – Warm-up
  • 03:40 | Moto GB – Warm up
  • 05:00 | Moto3 – Gara
  • 06:20 | Moto2 – Gara
  • 08:00 | Moto GB – Gara

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