Moto GB | New updates to Sprint Races and reduced MotoGP warm-up from 2023 |

Alyoska Constantine – September 17, 2022 – 12:30 pm

The Moto3 and Moto2 warm-up, just ten minutes away for MotoGP on Sunday morning, was eliminated.

through a New press conference Ahead of qualifying for the 2022 Aragon GP, ​​Carlos Ezpeleta, Carmelo’s son and head of the Sports Committee at Dorna Sports, clarified more news about the Sprint races that will be presented in 2023 for the MotoGP Championship.

Some of these changes have already taken place announcebut the complete schedule of the three days (the main phase of the classical European phases) is laid out in a complete manner this time.


It starts from the first day of the exam, which is crucial for determining Q1 and Q2 places for the three categories. Moto2 remained unscathed from any changes on the day, while Moto3 was punished a bit with five minutes of training shorter than the current situation. On the other hand, MotoGP will have forty-five minutes FP1 in the morning and FP2 a full hour.


The major turmoil, of course, occurred on Saturday with the introduction of the much-discussed Sprint race at 15:00. Before that, all three classes must encounter FP3 (Invalid for Combined Classification), the duration of which will be reduced to thirty minutes for all three classes.

We’ll then move on to the qualifying rounds, which are still split into two sessions despite this big news about the Sprint race. The Q1 and Q2 MotoGP will precede the same rounds of Moto3 and Moto2, resulting in the change of session arrangement that has become a classic over the years.


While the three full race schedules saw no changes, another big change was made in the morning with the introduction of the Rider Fan Show, a half-hour during which fans will be able to closely connect with MotoGP riders from before the start of the Grand Prix. However, this resulted in Dorna cutting the Moto2 and Moto3 warm-ups completely and halving the MotoGP’s warm-up, which will last from twenty minutes to ten minutes.

The conference revealed more details. MotoE hasn’t been shown in the schedules, but it shouldn’t undergo any changes at all, and should maintain the same number of free practice sessions on Friday, qualifying at the end of Day 1, Race 1 following the Sprint and finally Race 2 as the finale of the weekend. Finally, winning the Sprint Race will not count as a true success, but as a separate statistic.

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