Moto GP 2022. Aragon GP. Cold rubber, stuck chassis: Marc Marquez explains the crashes of Fabio Quartararo and Takaaki Nakagami [VIDEO] – MotoGP

The pilot outlined how events unfolded from his point of view. The Spaniard was involved in both frightening accidents at the start of the race, fortunately without serious consequences for anyone

September 18 2022

He was involved in both incidents, scaryat the start of the race but in this case Marc Marquez Make it clear that he has no responsibilities: Fabio Quartararo before and Takaaki Nakagami Later they fell after hitting the number 93.

A somewhat turbulent comeback that lasted very little. after, after Great start From outside, Marquez passed by Thirteenth to Sixth:

Marquez explains what happened with Quartararo

MArquez explained What happened: “I started strong, I felt good but in the third turn I tried to keep the right lane but with cold rubber The bike is me match behind. my quarter He was close and wanted to outsmart me at 4th, I think, he was right behind him and touch me (And it fell in ruins, causing burns to the chest.) Then I felt something strange in the bike. “This strange thing was a piece of the M1 fairing that got stuck between the rear wheel and the Honda tire.

On MotoGP video from this fall (It’s free But you have to be logged in to see it.)

Marquez explains what happened with Nakagami

In the Nakagami incident – Marquez explained – Looks like I’m going to the left and I’ll look for it But I obviously didn’t want to… I’m a MotoGP rider, I know it’s the first course, you can see from the pictures. When I insert the landing gear, a piece of Quartararo bike fairing is in my wheel not only for Nakagami, but also for Marini and my brother They almost took mewhen I inserted the landing gear, the wheel stopped and the bike was headed to the left.”

Also found on the MotoGP website video From this second fall (It’s free But the same as above).

The irony is that you got off to a good start…

“The goal was to finish the race, see how the bike was going, how I was doing, we just made a good first corner”

Do you think a bike would be better without a lowering device?

“No, not for me. Because in Turn 5 I felt weird, at 6-7 it was fine, but at the point we put the reducer in, well, if I don’t make it in with Nakagami, nothing will happen”

Your budget at the end of the weekend?

“I’m happy, the power has been dropping over the weekend, in both the right and left arm, which I use the most. I can’t say how I’m back because I like the track on the left, but I haven’t raced. There are still 5 races left and let’s see”

Fabio Quartararo and stains to cover treated burns