Moto GP 2022. Aragon GP. Enea Bastianini: “I tried, just like I did in Misano” – MotoGP

“I’ve always told the truth, then there will always be people who won’t believe it… The difference is that I made a mistake on the last lap in San Marino, but this time I didn’t. I have very little chance of winning the title, and the favorite now is Bagnaia. I have no regrets. This is only my second year in MotoGP.

September 18 2022

alcaniz – Eve said:If there is a chance, I will try. Like I did in Misano, I couldn’t do it there.” yes this timewith Imperial Overtaking at Turn 7 from the last lap. Enea Bastianini was again Fabulous: Who knows if those in Misano who said he was satisfied would understand that he had it big shot. But it’s hard, because I Conspiracy theorists, unfortunatelyIt’s always been there in motorcycles, too.

“I’ve always said the truthI explained that I tried, there are those who believe it and those who do not. In Misano, you missed the fourth round, Here on the last lap I didn’t make any mistakes And I managed to win.”

How was the last lap?

“I knew I could attack him, I had more, in T2 I was able to be very fast. At 5 I came off the attack, I did a 6 very well and curbing the seven was the crucial point. Obviously we didn’t take that risk: I I made a clean pass and everything went well.”

Five races to go: Do ​​you believe in the title?

“Hope is really small, maybe we can look to third place. But now I like to watch the race by race, as I did from my first GP after the summer break until now. We are doing well with the team, we are always competitive: that is the key aspect. Then, in the end, let’s see what happens.”

hDo you have any regrets?

“No. I always did my best: it’s true that I made mistakes, but it’s only my second year in MotoGP. They could be there”

If you get the chance again and Bagnaia needs points, do you think about it or go your own way?

“First of all I will evaluate the development of the situation: for sure in the next races I will always try to do my best, not think about anything and do as I did today without risking too much. I am also playing for something: it is also important for me to get always the best possible result”

Among the four MotoGP victories, where do you place this one?

“One of the past. Bella, I enjoyed it, but Austin, Le Mans, but Qatar also was harder and more exciting”

Was overtaking more difficult on the last lap, or recovering from Pico after the ninth lap error?

“Overtaking was difficult, but getting back to it, without making mistakes, was also complicated. I knew I had more: I did some tests, I made mistakes trying to understand the limit. Once I found it, I always stayed there and eventually attacked”

sWho do you think is the favorite on the title?

“Pico is now very fit; Fabio, after what happened to him today, will not make it to Japan in great spirit. So, for now, I see Bagnaia as more competitive, even if what Quartararo is doing with Yamaha is incredible”

And Alex Espargaro?

“It’s always there. It’s a question mark: always take the bike to the finish line and always near the podium. It’ll be tough there too”

You’ve given Ducati points for winning the constructors’ championship…

“This is important: I think Ducati is very happy to have the Manufacturers title back home. Let’s see if we get the drivers home too, either me or Pecco. Most likely it is…”

Have you spoken to Dall’Igna?

We shook hands but didn’t speak

And with Domenicali?

“no not yet…”