Moto3, Max Biagi Angry: Heavy Words arrive

Max Biaggi’s comments also arrive after what happened on Saturday in the Moto 3 qualifiers: he is angry with two men from the team.

Really bad episode what we saw during Q2 of Moto3 qualifications a Motegi. two people from Sterilgarda Max Racing Team They’ve become champions for an act that’s probably never seen before in a world championship, at least not in recent times.

Max Biaggi (Photo by La Presse)

While Adrian Fernandez Leaving his garage to ride on the dashboard and then out onto the track, he was obstructed to prevent him from getting onto the set. Really embarrassing and embarrassing scene. The KTM Tech3 team immediately reported this too through social networks and it wasn’t long ago Team response Max Biaggi.

A proper apology was received for what happened, given that these two men acted blatantly wrong and violated every principle related to the sport. there fem Exclude them from the Grand Prix in Australia e Malaysia. Now the world championships are held respectively in Japan and Thailand, so the federation did not want to put the team in difficulty to replace them.

Moto3 Aragon: Max Biagi is angry with his men

Biagi Sky Sport MotoGP microphones allowed themselves to comment on what had happened: “It’s not quite the thing, it’s far from the ethics of this sport and this team. I was so upset that I first apologized to Fernandez and his team. Then I went to the boys and interrogated them to find out what their heads said“.

The six-time world champion was also disappointed with the explanations given to him by the technicians: “Someone replied that he came close to see the bike. After the joke, they also tried to turn it on me in a not very nice way… Then the other one apologized, saying they had done something stupid. Obstructing such a pilot is one inhuman ugliness. I distanced myself, I wanted to protect them but they didn’t give me the chance“.

Max is willing to take action in return against these two people: “I feel ashamed of what happened. It’s my team, I’ve already ran for cover. The penalty given by IRTA is good with two suspension matches and a fine, but Then the punishment will come from me too, and it will be more severe. In thirty years of MotoGP I thought I’d seen it all, I missed this and it was a bad sight“.

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The former driver also hints that this behavior may have been orchestrated before, and it wasn’t something spontaneous that happened on the spot:They weren’t there by chance, it was as if they had agreed. Really bad. I think it was premeditated“.