MotoGP 2022. Alpinestars: “Fabio Quartararo’s suit zipper broke with bike rubber, a pressure never seen before” – MotoGP

The company analyzed in detail the driver’s suit, after the nasty crash on Sunday in Aragon. These are their conclusions: ‘Never before’

September 21 2022

TheSunday accident, protagonist Fabio Quartararobrought back to the center of the discussion safety Not Suit Zippers of the pilots. As we saw in some tires before the pilot stopped his suit The chest was open.

Yesterday we called at Alps To allow the company to explain directly what happened. Today, after in vitro analyzes, the Italian company’s response has arrived.

front wheel on hinge

DrAfter they analyzed Fabio Quartararo’s suit in the laboratory of Alpinestars’ European Operations Center, examined data from Fabio’s Tech-Air® airbag system and studied the information obtained from the video, Alpinestars came to the following conclusion on meFront zipper opening From the suit in the crash on the first lap of the MotoGP race in Aragon:

“After, after Other bicycle buffer when you get out of turn 3Fabio flipped forward on the front of his Yamaha car causing Correct airbag inflation before the first collision with the ground. Falling forward, behind the bike, was complicated by the fact that after Fabio made contact with the ground and he was slip on my back (Zipper intact at this point), then he got important secondary effect In the chest area next to the front wheel of his motorcycle.”

Our analysis led us to the conclusion who – which Inflated airbag at first glance and Significantly elongated suit due to resistanceCorrosion between the back of the suit itself And asphalt during the fall are born tensile stress. When front wheels From the bike in contact with Fabio’s chest Hold on to the skin of the suit Confirming the hinge tightening Exceeds any registered level in Thousands of waterfalls that we have analyzed so far, with the consequences his teeth failed. This conclusion derives from the fact that all elements of the suit are intact, including the seams, including those that secure the zipper to the suit.”

“Alpinestars wants to make it clear – and they conclude – that although this appears to be an exceptional circumstance, it is actually working on solutions that do not allow it to repeat itself.”