MotoGP 2022. Japanese Grand Prix in Motegi. Marc Marquez: “I may have problems finishing the race” – MotoGP

The Spaniard is concerned about the physical effort the Motegi track will require. On Honda’s position: “We are the biggest team in the world and we can go back to winning the world championship”

September 22 2022

aTrain, get ready, go for miles. Goal Marc Marquez Obviously for the second measles of his return. At Thursday’s conference, the Spaniard also recalled the sensations he had experienced in Aragon: It was hardWeekend intensity is something other than exams. In Spain, I had some difficulty in the morning free training, finding my position on the bike and still needed to strengthen my muscles. But on a quick run, I can now drive as I please”

What do you expect for Motegi?

“At this track, the arm will be more tense than it was in Aragon due to the many braking points. At Aragon in the race, I don’t think there were any resistance issues, even if it finished after just one lap. Here, in the other hand, might There are resistance issues to finish the race. Let’s see. The goal in Aragon was to do a lot of kilometers and finish the race. I am disappointed that I had a good start and was ready, even to manage the tire wear. I had bad luck but luck also because in both cases I didn’t Nobody does something. Here in Motegi the weather conditions are different, it’s an important race on an important circuit.”

hI visited HRC factory here in Japan…

“Yes, it is important to go back to Japan, even if we are in contact with emails and phone calls, it is important that we see each other, understand how we work and motivate each other. I met the president and the others, he got to know what they are doing and where we want to go: I Here to help them.In recent years with the epidemic, it was not easy for Japanese engineers to work in Europe, with longer development periods, and move away from Japan.The epidemic had a great impact on Japanese manufacturers, at the same time.European manufacturers have grown a lot, but I I think Honda’s potential is huge, they are the biggest team in the world and we can get back to fighting for the championship.”

On Honda’s strategy to develop a competitive bike…

“It is true that the other Hondas were doing very well, things went really well at first, but you have to see. I am a racer, not an engineer and I point out issues but then the engineers have to take care of them”

It might be a rainy weekend, how do you behave in case of wet trails?

“I follow my instinct more even if you have to drive very gently, but I am more instinctive, unlike what I do on a dry road”