MotoGP 2022. Japanese Grand Prix. Japanese doctor at risk of cyclone Nanmadol? Meanwhile, 9 million people have been evacuated [VIDEO] – MotoGP

The air event also resulted in two deaths and more than 100 injuries. This phenomenon is diminishing but there are still many canceled flights and the logistics, for the arrival of MotoGP materials, is crucial

September 20 2022

In Japan I Typhon Nanmandole It causes serious damage. The Japanese authorities decided to evacuate 9 million people To avoid more serious consequences during the passage of the hurricane in The southwestern region of the country.

According to the BBC, 350,000 homes were without electricity. in a city misato, 130,000 residents, and 900 mm of rain fell on Saturday, more than expected in an entire month of rain.

This hurricane has arrived wind blowing And the 234 kilometers per hour (You can see the intensity of this phenomenon in the video at the bottom of the article). At the moment it was possible to cause a hurricane Two killed in Miyazaki Prefecture and 115 wounded.

Is the Japanese Grand Prix in danger?

I The training sessions were on Friday shortening ma Not because of the hurricanebut for logistical problemsMaterials must arrive at the right time to get on the right track Friday afternoon, The Timetables you can check here. Motegi Circuit is located in Tochigi Prefecture.

According to the newspaper Japan Timesfrom which I also took the picture of the article, it is one of the Strongest storms ever experienced state “with”Unprecedented winds and heavy rains.”

at the moment No cancellation from GP. weather conditions Crucial for material access on the circuit. Hurricane, again according to reports Japan Times And the second too Japan today inside Attenuation cycle: “Most of the transportation has returned to Normal Tuesday, when passengers returned to work after the weekend. Trains and most road transport are starting to work again, but dozens of Flights are banned in northeastern Japan.

Tropical Storm headed to the Pacific Ocean, “Off the northern coast of Japan,” the Japan Meteorological Agency said Tuesday.

In short, a hurricane reduces its intensity and It’s moving from Japan But they are still there Many flights have been cancelled and the logisticsFor MotoGP material access, that’s crucial. At the moment, Dorna and Vim have not reported any inconvenience.