MotoGP Aragon: Bagnaia wins, Quartaro out, race results

Enea maneuvered hard on the last lap overtaking Pecco who is in second place and is happy. Ducati is the Constructors champ, and with the Yamaha French man crashing on the first lap, the factory Ducati driver is now only -10. But also Alex Espargaro, third day there, at -17. And sparks between comrades in the future portend the crackling of 2023

Mario Salvini


Pecco Bagnaia sees the winning blow on the last lap by the amazing Enea Bastianini. Other than “Red Aid”. Other than team and strategy games. Biko’s winning streak ends at four. But equally, with Fabio Quartararo having to serve zero, the World Cup is now almost starting again. Almost, because in fact, Bagnaia in Japan, albeit 10 points behind his rival in the standings, will get there very quickly. Strong of four wins and this second place. Five jackpots, 120 points: Not the maximum as he imagined, as it seemed possible until the last round, five points less. The five points Bastianini took away from him, as a reminder of what will be next year, when the two will be teammates. But we’ll talk about that next winter, and now it’s worth noting that in 5 GPs, Pecco took back 81 points from Fabio. “Now I can only run by race,” he said at Sachsenring. After five races it was, with every imaginable stalemate. Even the most optimistic Ducatiste could not have guessed something like this.

Chaos in the beginning

“The Beast” started in fourth place, in the midst of the hoopla. A few seconds after the lights went out behind him, the world changed. The tournament has been overturned. While Pecco Bagnaia started from pole position, his partner Jack Miller, at the rear resisted by Fabio Quartararo, who had not started at his best, hitting Marc Marquez at the third turn. The French world champion slid on the asphalt, and the Yamaha bounced back. Luck didn’t hit him. When Fabio opens his suit, bruises will appear on his chest. He was fine, thank God. But his escape in the rankings is no longer the case. Soon, with Honda damaged (a piece of Quartararo’s bike slipped into the swingarm), Marquez slipped and hit Takaaki Nakagami, also rolling on the ground. Moreover, in the middle of the turn, with other drivers who skillfully dodged him. Another half miracle. Marquez was forced into retirement.

Invincible monster

In short, Bastianini was right by Miller and then Brad Bender as well, and he was very skilled at exploiting the initial chaos to temporarily take second place. Moreover, on lap 8, Enea also passed Bajnaya. But then he made a mistake in Turn 8 and got back on track. Until the last lap, when he risked everything and re-passed his future teammate.

Ducati is not equal

In a fight it seems only in Ducati equal. Because Aeneas had nothing to lose, Bagnaia everything. Pecco immediately defended himself, but left him. Reading “Quartararo Out” on the first lap chart changed his day, his season, and possibly his life. There was no need to put everything at risk for ringworm. There will be red derbies to play with the monster. The account is open. Today Enea celebrated, and everyone celebrated, also because Ducati had already taken the title of Constructors, evidence of unprecedented dominance over the Japanese. In this sense too, we are in a new era of motorcycles and motorbikes. In the red garage, however, the faces weren’t very cheerful: the statements were sobering, but to the eye Bastianini’s last maneuver must have been not fully appreciated.

Alex and Aprilia Latent

3rd place Alex Espargaro. Which, quietly in the middle of the conflict, is now -17. For the title, now more than ever, there is still