MotoGP Aragon, Bastianini and Ducati Factory: There will be a healthy competition with Bagnaya

Aeneas… why? We asked your father, Emilio, do you know why they called you that?

“Actually, I don’t know the story very well…”

Then we tell you: They called you Enea to honor a car salesman in your country.

“Excellent choice, I really like my name.”

Do you know what your mother wants to call you?

“Yes, Francesco or Michele.”

Giacomo told me…

“I didn’t know this!”.

Seriously: How are you?

“Fine, thank you”.

Can you tell us when the phone call came from Gigi Dall’Igna to tell you that you had been selected for a Ducati factory?

“I was on the bike, I was going home. It was a great feeling. He told me I’d be part of the team in 2023 and I was speechless…Then I partyed with friends, it was great.”

You said to your dad, “We’re red,” right?

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I said: ‘We’re red. “

What is your closest memory on a motorcycle?

“On the scooters, the best time. I remember every race…I think it was the moment I had the most fun.”

What is your passion off piste?

“I love fishing, winter sports and skiing. I love spending time even with those who don’t understand much about motorcycles.”

What kind of fishing?

“The sea fishing I’ve been doing for two years. Shot fishing, spinning, vertical.”

Moto3: What are the best memories?

“Definitely my debut, the best I can remember. I didn’t have a lot of experience and the ambitions weren’t too high, but the three podiums in season one motivated me to do more and more.”

Relationship with Fausto Gresini?

“Very special. We also had a quarrel … because he had a very strong personality and we got a little worried. I wanted to leave … but after three days I was already sorry. And about him and about our relationship. Above everything, I have good memories.”

Moto2: Have you ever imagined winning a world championship in 2020?

“It’s been a special year for everyone, and coming back to the track after training at home was a big question mark. Instead I immediately had good feelings, I was competitive and knew he could do it.”

Another point of reference for you was Giovanni Sandi, chief technician at the time of Italtrans.

“Sure. He was able to show me the way, he said I had talent but I didn’t commit myself, I couldn’t express myself to the fullest.”

In charge you won’t have your current crew chief Alberto Giribola, as of 2023 at KTM.

“It was a good hit, I’m sorry, but I understand his priorities, it will be a great opportunity for him.”

Of the three races you’ve won so far this season, which are your favorites?

“One in Austin, one of my favorite songs. I wanted to win in America. The clip in Qatar at first was beautiful and exciting but also passed, because there was a piece missing, without Fausto (Gresini, ndrThe joy cannot be complete.”

What do you like more and less about in people?

“I really appreciate the sincerity. Not to mention those who joined the bandwagon of winners….”

Would you like to be a part of Valentino Rossi Academy?

“Every now and then I’d think about it, training with Vale was great, but I made the choice and that’s okay.”

What will change with the official team?

“Many things. It will be a little more difficult and I will have to learn better English … There will be a lot of people to talk to, and the pressure will be greater, but it is a great challenge.”

In Ducati you will find Bagnaia, the knight you respect.

“Of course. I’ve always had a good relationship with Pecco, I’ve known him for a long time and we’ve always gotten along with him. We both go really fast and I think it’s going to be fun. A healthy rivalry will be ours, everyone will have their own race but we will also have a way of helping each other to develop Bike better.

Are you ready to be in the garage with “Rocky” Tarduzi?

(laughs) “I think if all goes well he will give me a lot of punches…”.

How does your manager, Carlo Bernat, live this transition to a factory bike?

“Carlito is more excited than me… He will definitely have more work to do, but he is someone who knows how to live and will fix everything without problems.”

How about Nevio instead?

“Nevio was a historic scooter mechanic, the person with whom I won Italian and European titles. Someone who helped me a lot to grow and believed me. I don’t know how, but he knew from the start that I was going all the way here….”