MotoGP chaos, Max Biagi in trouble: a sight never seen before

MotoGP chaos, Max Biagi in trouble: a sight never seen before. Incredible ending In Moto3, instant disqualification occurs

Attending slopes MotoGP For 31 years, first as a winning driver and then as a team manager in Moto 3but such a scene Max Biaggi like never before. A thrilling finale, with disastrous consequences for his team but also for his good reputation.

Max Biaggi (Instagram)

It all happened at the end qualifications From Moto3 from Aragon GP. In this category more than others, slip current is essential to the starting network and everyone knows it. Starting with the mechanics of the Max Racing team in it Ayumu Sasaki One of the absolute champions of the World Cup.

So what did they think of? Simply put, when the Spaniard came out of the box Adrian Fernandez Racing with KTM for Team Tech3, two Biaggi mechanics put him in front of him for a few seconds. They want prevent him from leaving Immediately so as not to take advantage of the awakening of the Japanese and thus have a better website.

Fernandes stumbled, had to restart the engine and then stayed behind and finished 15th. All of these photos were documented by his team on Twitter and these photos were around the ring as well as the web.

MotoGP chaos, Max Biagi in trouble: the decision of the commissioners is correct

It’s impossible for Max Piaget’s team to deny the evidence, and in fact no one did. In fact, it took a few minutes before the official apology arrived, with another post. “a unacceptable behavior! We publicly apologize to the Tech3 Racing team and Adrian Fernandez. An unwanted and dangerous act that cannot be justified in any way by our Code of Ethics! Those responsible will be appropriately punished.”

In fact, the commissioners who watched the movies and decided to use the heavy hand were heavy on us. Two thousand euros in fines for the team but above all Two matches disqualification For mechanics accused of obstruction. In fact, they will be able to work today on Sasaki’s bike, and also to ensure maximum safety conditions for him.

Then they will also be present at the next two races in Japan and Thailand, due to restrictions affecting track members regarding travel. Instead, the Australian and Malaysian Grand Prix races will be skipped, before returning to Europe with the final round in Valencia.