MotoGP: Dorna works for the future Grand Prix of India – MotoGP

DrAfter the Misano Declaration, by signing a protocol with a view to doing General doctor in Saudi ArabiaDorna Sport officially announces that work has begun on GP ‘Possible’ future for India. Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO Dorna, He was recently in IndiaHe met with authorities, designated promoters, representatives of local industry and even the media. The enthusiasm is there.

The displayed circle should be Buddha International Circuit 5500 meters long on the outskirts of New Delhi, which actually hosted F1 years ago, as we’ll see later. Expectations are very high and Carmelo Ispeleta knows it.

India is a huge market – Advertise – And bringing the Grand Prix here is important for the motorcycle industry and also for motorcycles. Motorcycle is a great tool for transportation And in many countries around the world, it leads society, provides mobility and strengthens families around the world. The race in India will be a reflection of our commitment to open up the world of sport as widely as possible.”

The Union Sports Minister, Shri Anurag Thakur, stressed the historical significance of the day and added that India could be one of the largest markets for motorcycles in terms of spectators and revenue. Prime Minister Uttar Pradesh proudly announced it The government will support this event No way because it is prestigious and will bring great benefits to tourism and boost the local industry.

In short, it gets serious. However, we must remember that F1 never had a happy experience in that country. Open wheel cars raced in India for three years, from 2011 to 2013, directly at the brand new plant located 50 kilometers from Dehli.

It was recorded in the first edition farmers protest, who accused the regulators of bullying the purchase of land, paid little; There was also the problem of customs taxes that the government introduced by surprise: No settler wanted to paythe regulator tried to mediate and only in extreme cases were taxes abolished by the government.

It must be said that despite thousands of problems, The Indian F1 event was awarded as the best GP of the season in both 2011 and 2012. But then, after the third edition, it did not enter the 2014 calendar because the organizers did not accept the time shift in March, and the same thing happened in 2015. Ecclestone tried to restore the Indian Grand Prix in the 2016 calendar, but economic problems sealed the end.