MotoGP, facts of the 2022 Aragon Grand Prix for the Moto3 class

Commander Guevara! spanish young man be Guevara controls Aragon Grand Prix from the Moto3 class and escaping to the top of the world championship standings, also benefiting from Today, the number of his teammate, Sergio Garcia, and Italian Denis Foggia, who finished their race in 13th and 14th places, without being able to compete. However, who was a contender, and many, is Ayumu Sasaki, the Japanese rider from Max Biaggi’s Sterilgarda team who Guevara had a tough time with Husqvarana, but was never able to attack him and only gave up on the last lap. Excellent result for the Asian driver who has just come back from four roller coaster races (first, crash, first, crash, now second again).

goodbye dreams Spanish rookie Daniel Holgado also climbs onto the podium, while Turkish rider organizes the group Sea OncuBefore Adrian FernandezYesterday, the innocent protagonist of a bad episode, with two team mechanic Sterilgarda it They got stuck in the parking lane and wouldn’t let him enter the track with the group Of the pilots who were playing in the launch center. The two mechanics – which Max Biaggi said acted independently – were disqualified and sent home, while the young KTM driver had his best result of the season. They closed the top ten Ortola, Munoz, Macia, Up, and McVeigh While, as mentioned, Garcia and Foggia also close behind Artigas and Suzuki, they are 17 inches from Guevara. For them, dreams of the world are now almost barren. The Iberian drops to -33 points behind partner Foggia to -58 And he has to watch his back from Sasaki’s very strong comeback, at -71. Back in the race, no other Italian was on the points with Rossi 16, Migno 18 and Nepa 19.

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Aragon GP 2022 arrival order – Moto3 class

Moto3 World Ranking after Aragon GP 2022

POS. the ball moto nation points
1 be Guevara rub Spa 229
2 Sergio Garcia rub Spa 196
3 Dennis Foggia Honda ITA 171
4 Ayumu Sasaki Husqvarna JPN 158
5 James Macia KTM Spa 155
6 Denise Onko KTM should 153
7 Tatsuki Suzuki Honda JPN 128
8 Andrea Minno Honda ITA 84
9 Daniel Holga KTM Spa 83
10 Father Carlos CF Moto Spa 77
11 Xavier Artigas CF Moto Spa 69
12 Ryūsi Yamanaka KTM JPN 65
13 Diogo Moreira Honda BR 64
14 Kaito Toba KTM JPN 63
15th David Munoz KTM Spa 61
16 Ricardo Rossi Honda ITA 59
17 Ivan Ortola KTM Spa 56
18 John MCPHEE Husqvarna GBR 53
19 Adrian Fernandez KTM Spa 40
20 Stefano Nepa KTM ITA 36
21 Elia Bartolini KTM ITA 24
22 Joel Kelso KTM Outside 24
23 Scott Ogden Honda GBR 20
24 Matthew Bertil KTM ITA 16
25 Lorenzo Villon Honda From 11
26 Mario Ajimore Honda when 5
27 Taiyo Furusato Honda JPN 0
28 Alberto Bates Honda ITA 0
29 Anna Carrasco KTM Spa 0
30 David Salvador Husqvarna Spa 0
31 Sherif El-Din Azman Honda but 0
32 Luca Luneta KTM ITA 0
33 Joshua Whatley Honda GBR 0
34 Gerard Rio, male KTM Spa 0
35 Nicolas Fabio Carraro KTM ITA 0
36 Jose Antonio Rueda Honda Spa 0
37 Mark Garcia KTM Spa 0
38 Harrison Voight Honda Outside 0
39 Alessandro Morosi KTM ITA 0
40 Marie Herrera KTM Spa 0
41 David Alonso rub Spa 0