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It’s been 12 months, but time seems to have stopped. At the end of the 2021 season, the debate at Honda was over how to straighten out a bike that, with Marc Marquez at half-duty, had shown enormous disadvantages compared to the ever-increasing competition. Last year’s three successes, plus other podiums, came thanks to the eight-time Spanish world champion. So the idea of ​​the Asian giant was to build a bike that profoundly revolutionized it Adapts to the style of all pilots They are going to sit on the saddle and not just the saddle marked in No. 93.

The result is there for all to see: With the exception of the first race of the year in Qatar, in which Paul Espargari finished third, no Honda rider has been able to snatch the best off the bike. And so the Tokyo manufacturer finds itself desolate in last place in the constructors’ standings, and Marc Marquez, having played only half of the championship, is still the driver with the most points in the Golden Wing standings. So, in view of the year 2023, here is that Japanese technicians are ready for itAnother revolution.

According to the Spanish newspaper as such, Now Honda is more ready than ever Follow Marc Marquez’s advice On how to make the RC213V fast and competitive again. It’s no coincidence that he has pushed himself to put the Cervera phenomenon back in the saddle since the Misano tests, the first in which he has already begun laying out some solutions for 2023.”We analyze the reasons why things went wrong, so that we can get where we want to‘, explained Takeo YokoyamaHonda Technical Director.

We tried some great things – Announced Japanese dt after work done in Misano – nIn testing, we did a comparison to see what changed and it looks like we found something. We are on our way to the goal we want to reachA trip that will take place alongside Marc Marquez. Also because Yokoyama himself is in danger: the arrival of Shinishi Kokubo, creator of 800cc and 1000cc, has sparked rumors about Possible internal modification. For now, it appears that the org chart will remain unchanged, but a clear change in direction will be required.

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