MotoGP, Japanese GP 2022. Francesco Bagnaia the new world leader? In Motegi to overtake Fabio Quartararo – OA Sport

The MotoGP She changes her clothes even if she is a prima donna on the last evening of the Sanremo Festival. The World Championships quickly abandoned the mild, dry hills of Aragon to move to the more humid Tochigi Prefecture. We pass by plane from Europe to the Far East, and go from Spain to the Japanese archipelago. The Japanese Grand Prixwith no separator after Alcañiz.

We came from a race that changed the world championship scale. Motifs the favorite In order to snatch the title they passed from Fabio’s forehead my quarter Until Francesco Bajnaya. It couldn’t have been otherwise, considering how the Ducati Centaur has regained 81 points over its last five doctors. The Frenchman is still the world ranking leader, but his fringe melts like ice cream left in the sun. from the empire +91 From Sachsenring, we have moved on to a dilapidated one +10. In fact, if the inertia remains the same, is this true? evil which – which”+It could soon turn into“.

on the other side pico It seemsUnstoppable caterpillar Who, with his bucket, demolishes the dam he erected across the Alps: 25 lengths retrieved at Sachsenring, 17 Silverstone 5 Spielberg 14 in Misano 20 in Alcañiz. At this rate, you can become the new Bagnaia in three days leader world Cup. However, Francesco had just seen the blind goddess return what was taken from him at Montmelo. La Fortuna has always rebalanced the pros and cons in Spain and always with Honda…

MotoGP, Bagnaia-Bastianini: When your compatriot and future teammate is your worst enemy…

However, Motegi will represent one big unknown. a path stop goso theoretically favorable to Ducati, it can nevertheless be distinguished by race science to science (At this time of year, rainfall in Japan is very common.) Furthermore, the Japanese track is not dealt with by current coverage. and therefore me Motorcycle installation He will be sought as Franco Califano called for a haircut where there was an atmosphere, With more care. In short, there can be two crazy variables. Alex reflects on these unexpected dynamics in particular spargary who, with great skill, maintains his nomination and nomination fromAprilia.

211- Abderrahmane (France) [Yamaha]
201 – Bagnia Francesco (ITA) [Ducati]
194 – Alex Espargaro (Spain) [Aprilia]
163- Abdul Majeed Abdul Majeed (ETA) [Ducati Gresini]
134- Miller Jack (Australia) [Ducati]
133- Zarco Johann (France) [Ducati Pramac]
128- Binder Brad (RSA) [Ktm]
108 – Alex Raines (Spain) [Suzuki]
104 – Martin Jorge (Spain) [Ducati Pramac]
104- Abdul Majeed Muhammad [Aprilia]