MotoGP, Japanese GP. Miller: I lost to Tsuda, but the lap is still good

Miller signs the best lap of free practice on Friday at Motegi, which was done on a partially wet track, a very favorable condition for the Australian driving style. The Ducati rider is the fastest although Takuya Tsuda (Wild Card Suzuki) held him back: “On that lap I was able to improve my experience a lot, but obviously I had to slow down a bit, I lost time, but I still did a good lap. I am glad to be there. among the top ten


We saw that Tsuda was on your way when you made the fast lap: did he hold you back or did he help you find an alternate lane?

“On that lap I was able to improve my time a lot. The second fastest lap was better because the tire was better, and I was able to get nice acceleration out of the turns, but obviously I had to slow down a bit when I had Tsuda up front. I wasted time, But I put in a good lap anyway. Anyway, I’m happy to be in the top ten and to put in a good performance.”

How are you doing to qualify and race? Forecasts talk about rain, a state where you can make a difference

“Overall, the grip here at Motegi is good in both dry and wet conditions, I can do a good job either way.”

You haven’t been in Motegi since 2019: How do you find Ducatis on this track? Better or worse than expected?

“More or less as I expected. This is the first time we have ridden here with the decelerators and with other new ones, and that makes a huge difference. Ducati rides really well here in Motegi, and no sector we live in is weak.”

Watch out for the Japanese Grand Prix timings

MotoGP gets back on track on Saturday 24th September at 3:50am with 2nd practice session, Free Practice 3 at 7:25am, Grand Final qualifying at 8:05all live on Sky Sport MotoGP (Channel 208). On Sunday, the MotoGP Speedway will take place at 8am LIVE su Sky Sport MotoGP and Sky Sport Uno e in streaming su Now.