MotoGP, Japanese GP. Nakagami exonerates Marquez: ‘He has no fault’

Despite being his home circuit, Nakagami risks losing the Motegi race due to the accident with the Marquez in Aragon (he will decide whether to continue at the end of Free Practice 1). Despite his right hand injury, the Japanese driver exonerates the Spaniard: “I knew right away that it wasn’t Mark’s fault, I don’t have any resentment, it was a racing accident: I wasn’t lucky in the dynamics because I got bad”

Fire in MOTEGI Square

The only doubt about Takaaki Nakagami is his condition after Free Practice 1 on Friday, September 23. Honda LCR rider I got the green light to go to the track in Motegi, but pain in his injured left hand in a fall on the first lap of the Aragonese race may limit his driving. “I’ll decide if to continue after the first shift on Friday morning“.His presence in the race will allow HRC to continue developing the new swingarm (which Marquez used in the Aragon tests).” I tried it in Misano tests, and got good results. I can also use it in Motegi.” It will depend on how he feels, whether or not he can race all weekend.

The dynamics of the Nakagami Marquis accident

On the other hand, there is no doubt about the dynamics of the resulting accident, unintentionally in his judgmentby Marc Marquez, in the Spanish race. “I was trying to get past Mark in the seventh turn – said the Japanese rider, for the first time since the accident – the back of my bike slipped and I lost the line a bit. I tried to recover at the exit, he was ahead of me and when he activated the bike lowering I took him to the left. I spread my arms but I couldn’t avoid contact.” Therefore, Nakagami absolves his companion of responsibility for what happened. “I immediately understood that it was a racing accident. Mark is not at fault, just bad luck. I have no resentment towards him. This is the way life goes. Thank God it could have ended worse. All other riders managed to dodge. “He is saddened by the prospect of losing the house.” All the Japanese are waiting for this race, and I wish the sun for them, but We have no certainty for the weekend. It has rained heavily in recent days.” The forecast brings rain and it would be a shame because MotoGP has not raced in Japan since 2019, the last release before the pandemic. On the other hand, bad weather can be an unexpected help in your case.”The rain is sure to help me. In my conditions, I will have to put up with less effort when braking in wet weather.”