MotoGP Live / Free Live and Video Practice: Event Recording (GP Japan 2022)

The MotoGp Live Again today, Friday, September 23, with Proof of Freedom FP1 to 2022 Japanese Grand Prix on the track Motegi, which will be the sixteenth chapter of the World Championships. Japan returns to the world championship after a forced absence for the past two seasons, but it does so with a grand prix that promises to be complicated from every point of view, first and foremost because of Typhon Nanmadol Which jeopardizes the event, so every single session will only be confirmed close to the event. Then there are the complications dictated by the fact that MotoGP was only a few days ago He was on stage in Spain And in between, there was a transcontinental journey, tiring for the riders and their squads, but sensitive above all for the transport of motorbikes and all the necessary materials.

Due to the difficulties that Argentina experienced at the beginning of April, the live MotoGP program has been modified for some time and in fact there will be today Only one free training sessionWhich will start when you are in Italy Raw 8.05 in the morning (15.05 from Motegi) but it will last for 75 minutes and then until 9.20, since the winding will be important on a track missing from the world championships since 2019 – all this, of course, if the hurricane allows. If you want to look for the good news, let’s say he’ll miss a session that could have been uncomfortable for fans in Europe and the rest of the FP1 schedule won’t be that bad.

MOTOGP, Video Broadcasting and Live TV: How to Follow the Exams

Of course today’s tests of the MotoGp live will be broadcast on TV on Sky Sport MotoGp HD, channel number 208 of the Sky satellite platform, which also guarantees flow. To all motorcycle enthusiasts, we reiterate that again this year MotoGP and other classes are completely transmitted by Sky on satellite, as we are now widely accustomed to: for the Japanese Grand Prix, it should also be noted that, for those who are not Sky subscribers , the qualifications and race will not be clearly visible in real time on Tv8, as Gp is ​​not included among those streamed in real time (but Friday is by no means excluded). Now, however, we provide all the ways to follow today’s scheduled session for Motegi appointment to follow MotoGp in electronic TV streaming.

We remind you that the video broadcast will be guaranteed to subscribers through the Sky Go app, but the MotoGP World Championship is also visible on Now TV during the broadcast. Sky’s reference point has always been Guido Meda, now a historic voice in MotoGP. As for the Free TVit will not be possible to follow MotoGp live today on TV8 (Channel 8 for the remote), because even in the 2022 World Championships Fridays are excluded from free-to-all photos, whether they are late or in real time. However, for the Japanese Grand Prix, it should be noted that the first hypothesis will be valid in the coming days, and is in fact one of those that will not be visible in real time on TV8. In any case, it will be possible to experience all the feelings of Motegi’s first class motorcycles for today only on Sky. Finally, we also remember the official World Championship references on Twitter, the MotoGp account, as well as the MotoGp Facebook page.

MOTOGP LIVE: Japan Grand Prix 2022, on top of the world

In light of what may actually happen today in MotoGp LiveI Japanese GP The hierarchies will increasingly see in the balance, because the primacy of the world champion Fabio Quartararo seriously in danger. A scenario that seemed impossible when, in June, the Frenchman beat his Yamaha in both Barcelona and Sachsenring and enjoyed a position that saw him clearly top the rider rankings. Since then, however, almost everything has changed, the number of Quartaro wins in three races out of fifteen (the previous one was in Portimao), plus four more podiums reached thanks to second place in Indonesia, in Spain, in Mugello and finally in Austria, but Fabio fell in the Netherlands, and then last Sunday also in Aragon, albeit in this second case without any mistake, in the middle he took eighth place at Silverstone and fifth in Misano, giving hope to Bagnaia, who began to score victories.

Quartararo now You only get 10 points In the second, which is exactly Francesco Bagnaia. Pecco has won six of the last ten races (plus a second place), so he’s actually been the ruler for some time now, but at the start of the season he left a lot of points on the road and so he’s behind Quartararo even though the Frenchman won half of the grand prix. However, the recent performance speaks for itself: the last change of course, from Assen onwards, took four straight wins as well as second place at Aragon and now Pecco appears to be the favourite, also because Ducati has won ten races and is definitely the best bike. Better than a lot.

MOTOGP LIVE: Japan GP 2022, other fans

Another outstanding protagonist in live MotoGP without a doubt Alex Espargaro With Aprilia, the Termas de Rio Hondo winner and then again on the podium with four consecutive third places in Portimão, Jerez de la Frontera, Le Mans and finally in Italy, then again on the podium in Aragon for the first time since Mugello. However, Espargaro’s roadmap is excellent: consistency of placements leaves Aprilia at the top with only 17 points behind the top and 7 from Pecco, even if we repeat all of the above that Bagnaia should be Quartararo’s real threat to the World Cup that would be legendary if he finished in Noale .

Another great champion in live MotoGP is Enea Bastianini, who exceeded expectations by four wins, with a great start to the season and a huge resurgence between Misano and Aragon, even if only the 63 points collected in eleven GPs didn’t weigh heavily. Misano plus fourth at Silverstone as the best result) and this has largely wiped out his world championship ambitions. Bastianini is still in great shape, so is he nearing the end of the season, will he become Pania’s first ally? The wait for what happens this weekend is almost over, to the delight of all fans and fans, so now let’s get comfortable: MotoGp Live subordinate Proof of Freedom FP1 From 2022 Japanese Grand Prix a Motegi You will start…

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