MotoGP, Paul Espargari outburst: ‘I’m always afraid of heights’

Paul Espargari’s Honda ordeal is coming to an end: the latest updates don’t make it to his garage.

Paul Espargaro – Motory

Simply mention the numbers to better illustrate the difficult case of Pol Espargarò, in the epilogue of this adventure together Honda. Collecting only three points in the last eight races, Marc Marquez sped straight away despite being stuck over a hundred days and working his right arm four times. The second part of the World Championship turned out to be an ordeal for the Granollers racer, who can’t wait to turn the page and get back to KTM.

At the weekend in Aragon, things went wrong, as he finished 18th in qualifying, the last Honda rider on the grid starting. Paul Spargary She crossed the goal line in 15th, after fighting KTM rookie Remy Gardner in the final stages. “It was a very tough race and we didn’t have the speed to do more“, commented at the end of the Grand Prix on Spanish soil.”I haven’t been feeling comfortable on the bike all weekend“.

Pol Espargarò is waiting for the new KTM chapter

Marc Marquez and Paul Espargaro (La Presse)
Marc Marquez and Paul Espargaro – Motori.News

To complicate an Aragonese Sunday, the accident in front of him which saw his fellow brand as heroes Marc Marquez Its Taka Nakagami.The first course was really complicated, there was carbon fiber everywhere and I had to correct my course to avoid the ‘taka’“. However, he is not looking for an excuse, the result is the result of a bad feeling with the Honda RC213V.”I can’t ride this bike the way it has to be ridden. Also, I don’t get anything that helps me cope better“.

Unlike Marc Marquez and Taka Nakagami Keep using the same bike the season started with. Since it will switch to KTM in 2023, it will not receive the latest updates from the manufacturer in Tokyo. “I can’t take advantage of my driving style, I’m weak and slow. It’s not a pleasant feeling when getting into turns and there’s always a fear that the bike will hit a height“.

Pol Espargarò still has to clench his teeth for five more races before he can focus solely on the project. KTM. The Tech3 fund will partner with Augusto Fernandez and will finally be able to put an end to a very complicated two-year period with HRC. It was a risk he took into account, but he couldn’t live with the regrets of not trying.