motogp podcast enea bastianini talks about emilio’s dad

Emilio tells Enea: “He was three years old when he rode a scooter and didn’t want to get off again. What sacrifices with my wife to make him race, now I would like Gresini to be alive to see him. With Bagnaia what a couple in 2023 on a Ducati”

Banta Re, everything changes. It’s also worth a lot for the 2023 World Championships. It’s three curves that reopened the entire world championship that Fabio Quartararo would never have lost until recently. , to poker’s victories which in addition to confirming his immense talent, erase any doubt as to the results that are set at the table. A golden season, so far, the season of the Beast, which makes Father Emilio proud, guest Paolo Iannieri and Zoran Felicic on this episode of MotoG-Podcast. “I watched my first Qatar victory from home on TV, but it was an amazing thing,” says Emilio. This was followed by another and another, until Sunday, which re-launched the Team Grisini rider in the World Championship. “I don’t think about what could happen, but I obviously do. All I know is that Enea is enjoying himself, has a competitive bike, is healthy physically and mentally and feels good with the team. I often think about what Fausto would say (Gressini; Ed) If he is still alive and can share this beautiful and unique thing.”

How many sacrifices?

Bastianini seems like a legend. “He was three the day he went to my friend’s motorcycle shop to buy a new muffler for my wife’s scooter. Enea saw a scooter and got on it and didn’t want to get off anymore. There was a track in Cattolica where the scooters had wheels, so he started It’s all on a Sunday until I had the idea to bring it in.” The road was uphill. “People can’t imagine the sacrifices my wife and I made, for ten years we didn’t even go out to eat pizza. We needed a lot of money, but we found it hard to refuse. Seeing his commitment and his will was my wife’s and my wife’s strength that drove us into debt. Back in the day. Which we found ourselves in at the World Cup, we looked at each other and asked, “But how did we get here? Almost doubtful.” And next year, here’s the official Ducati: “He and Pecco are roosters, but they get along really well. After that, the best guy might win, surely they’ll have an excellent bike and they’ll be the champions.”