MotoGP/team standings, Rivola puts pressure on Ducati: ‘I wish each team would do their own race’ – Moto

Never, as in recent days, has the speedway circuit been bypassed by gossip, debates and hypotheses regarding team orders. The argument is usually too indigestible for motorcyclists and more like an all-wheel drive environment, where giving up a particular hit to help a fellow boxer is common practice. With only five races in operation, four drivers from four teams and three different constructors still vying for ultimate success, however, it is only natural that strategies are assumed to increase each contender’s chances. The main focus is on Ducati’s “fleet”, which can greatly affect the outcome of the season with eight bikes on the track and with the best available means of the entire network – at least in theory.

At the moment Borgo Panigale’s top management has not made very clear references to its drivers, but what has been discussed is the possibility that Enea Bastianinifourth in the league at -48 from the top, was asked to sacrifice himself to help Biko Bagnaya. Team Piedmont, the official Ducati team standard bearer, is actually only 10 points behind Fabio Quartararo. Among Ducati fans there is Aprilia Alex Espagaro, a real surprise in this world championship. Noel’s house manager, Massimo RivolaTo make it clear that he does not like the hypothesis that riders from other teams, even if they are equipped with Ducati, go to the rescue of the first striker of the official team. While speaking to the official MotoGP website during a short interview, the former Ferrari CEO did not name the names, but he was crystal clear.

Finally, he also confirmed his desire to seek the help of Maverick Vinales if there is a concrete opportunity to help the cause of the “world champion” Espargari. “Within your team you can manage the drivers in some way – stressed Rivola – ma Outside the team, they are not your drivers. I mean they are pilots from a different team. So I expect all teams to do their job. I don’t know what contracts each driver has, but I expect all teams to have their own race. If there’s an opportunity, I’ll ask Maverick to let Alex pass, that’s for sure. I also think Ducati will ask Jack [Miller] to do the same [con Bagnaia]“.

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