MotoGP, the final stage of the World Chameleon Championships begins. Bagnaia and Quartararo in uncharted territory – OA Sport

if he Globalism From MotoGP If it was a game of basketball or American football, it would have just ended third period. On the other hand, 15 of the 20 races were organized, which is 75% of the total. The strange fact is that three stages Exact synchronization with groups of GP . cinemadividing it evenly by the total distance for 2022 variable.

I first halffrom Lusail to Portimao, it was frompolitical chaos. There was no master, the values ​​on the track were constantly changing and totally unpredictable, to the point where some riders went from superstars to stalls and vice versa within a couple of weeks. The the other halfwhich lasted from Jerez to Sachsring, was Fabio my quarter. The Frenchman dominated all his opponents, maintaining an unrivaled performance for regularity and quality. The the third timewho appeared between Assen and Alcañiz, was the absolute protagonist Francesco Bagnaiaable to score 120 points out of 125 available.

We are about to enter critical periodWhat will determine the world champion? Math at hand, three men can legitimately hope to get the title. The sum of the three phases generates a Quartararo as an algebraic result 211Bagnaia 201asparagus 194. The trio is packed in 17 lengths, but as we just saw the current season schizophrenia Or at least surprisingly vulnerable Mood Swings.

MotoGP, Bagnaia-Bastianini: When your compatriot and future teammate is your worst enemy…

There is only one question. Will the stalemate continue in the third quarter to the last? In this case, there will be no further matching, because the file partial subordinate past five GP Bagnaia . says 120asparagus 56Supply Manager 39. Moreover, starting from Assen onwards, the Frenchman also collected fewer points than Bastianini (63), Viñales (58), Miller (53) and Binder (46). No need to be superstitious, so close to the Season 3 finale The address will be delivered to picowithout ifs and buts.

But we saw how fast it was turn the wind. What if it happened again? On the other hand, we are entering a largely unexplored territory. Motegi, Buriram and Phillip Island are contexts we haven’t raced since 2019, when there were no current tyres. Some tests were done in Sepang in February, but no more than that. In short, it would not be surprising if we arrive in Valencia in an unexpected situation. we eve a new cyclewhich – which Decisive. What color will this tail be 2022 chameleon?

211- Abderrahmane (France) [Yamaha]
201 – Bagnia Francesco (ITA) [Ducati]
194 – Alex Espargaro (Spain) [Aprilia]
163- Abdul Majeed Abdul Majeed (ETA) [Ducati Gresini]
134- Miller Jack (Australia) [Ducati]
133- Zarco Johann (France) [Ducati Pramac]
128- Binder Brad (RSA) [Ktm]
108 – Alex Raines (Spain) [Suzuki]
104 – Martin Jorge (Spain) [Ducati Pramac]
104- Abdul Majeed Muhammad [Aprilia]