MotoGp, there are a lot of Bastianini in the constructors title in Ducati

Thanks to the results of Enea Bastianini, Ducati has won for the third year in a row in the World Constructors Championship, but now in Borgo Panigale they want to beat the really important No. 1 and will try to get it with Pecco Bagnaia or more difficult. with the monster. The next two races in the East will say once and for all who will be the protagonist of the final assault on the crown of the world championship, even if the piedmont starts off in good shape.

Luigi Dall’Igna said he was very satisfied and they celebrated in the red square, but the party wouldn’t be complete without the drivers’ title. The result is clear: Ducati’s riders collected 346 points (only 250 from Bagnaya, with six victories and Pestia with four), because the best position in each race for the driver of that manufacturer is important, and therefore the result is also thanks to and some other Borgo Panigale holders, albeit to a lesser degree.

Red outperforms competitors, and the victory among the manufacturers came with five races from the end of the championship. The rivals are far away: Aprilia is second with a score of 217 and Yamaha thanks to Quartararo alone is third with a score of 213.

Enzo Ferrari has always considered the Formula 1 makers’ title more important, as it means his cars were the best. It makes sense that the rating of drivers is more important to enthusiasts.

Quartararo currently leads the current champ, followed by Pecco at -10, -17 by Aleix Espargaro and -48 by Enea. Fabio was intimidating on Sunday in Aragon, but he is far from domineering. Ducati has not given orders to the team to fight for victory, a tactic that has paid off so far. His knights scored a lot of points and Bajnaya formed a gap that at one point seemed to him unsurpassable.

Of course, with a team game, now the points lower than El Diablo would be 5. The GP22 goes like a rocket, while the M1 struggles. However, Alex Espargaro noted that on trips outside of Europe at the start of the season, something didn’t work out on the Ducati and the GP22 was having problems. Was this necessary preparation for the project’s youth or were there difficulties on trails they haven’t run in years and lacked data? This could be in favor of Enea who, with its updated GP21, has been the protagonist of a luxury start to 2022. In short, the next two races should tell us how far and how Quartararo could react, and how much Aleix Espargaro could achieve, if Pecco could manage Keeping up with the extraordinary pace of the last five stages (four wins and a second place) and if Enea knew how to become the main ace of the Ducati house or would be a good square. The world title in Borgo Panigale has never been so close since Casey Stoner’s 2007 success, Idol of the Beast.