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Eight years later, CT David Cassani will not be driving Italy in the UCI. The coach from Romania was a guest of Gian Luca Giardini and Francesca Casanega Bike2utransition Sport2uOA Sport’s web TV: “This is a special month for me. From 1988 I will not be in the world championships for the first time: from 1988 to 1995 I participated as a jockey, from 1996 to 2013 I commented on it, from 2014 to 2021 I was the technical commissioner. For the first time in many years I will be watching the World Cup on TV, and we also have to get up early“.

Then Davide Cassani continued:Since 1968, the World Cup has been a special day for me, the most important day of the year for my passion, and I live it in a unique and special moment. Oro Polbarelli always told me: ‘I recommend if things are not going well, keep talking,’ when I realized that things were not going well for Italy, I lost my word and it wasn’t the best for the commentator.“.

The former cyclist is trying to create an Italian formation that can land on the World Tour in the coming years (switch between professional):”Like I’ve always said, this is my dream and I’m trying in every way to try and find what it takes to create a training that can become important. We must leave calmly and in absolute safety and therefore I am working. I was hoping to be able to do that next year, and I hope to be able to do it by 2024 because I don’t want to risk anything. Next year the Emilia Romagna team will be continental, a 10-11 passenger team with the idea of ​​racing across Europe.“.

David Cassani has already established the identity For a possible future Italian formation: “A team with an Italian spirit, who can give credit to our youth and make them grow. It is not easy because we are going through a certain moment in which uncertainty prevails, and it is not easy to find those who believe in this project. I like the jockeys I used to have in the national team. Unfortunately it wasn’t Sonny Colbrelli, we know what happened to him, he was my first and last captain. I had a special relationship with Mathieu Trentin because he was my flawless manager, and also because a reference man is essential without a radio. I would also like to have Davide Ballerini, but also Covi, Battistella, Bagioli and Moscon who has always been good to me, obviously Ganna and Dainese will win many races. There are good Italian runners, but to run outside they have to work with others“.

Italy is witnessing a very complex moment And the results are imperfect, so what happened to our movement compared to its past glories? “We stopped for a while. When I was an amateur in Italy there were 6-7 stage races a year, and this year they did 3 races and would likely skip the Giro d’Italia. Other country teams have their own calendar. The Friuli team does not have a very high budget but has an excellent programme, many young people are becoming professional and promising. We must offer young people the best opportunities. The important thing is that even by traveling abroad, you have a chance to grow. We have won the last two World U23 Championships (before today, edition) as well as the Europeans, it means we have guys who are growing well but because of our racing program they need more time to mature, not all I do. Evenepol or Ayuso, Pogacar also spent two years among amateurs. Our young people need more time to mature, if an Italian coach is born, there will be more possibilities, even if there are now three professionals who are given the opportunity to join the professionalism and grow. For many young people, turning to professionals may be better because they have a better chance of appearing“.

Davide Cassani hasn’t heard of the Azzurri who will be racing in Wollongong on Sunday: “Guys should stay focused and never want to interfere, my girl has all my respect. I haven’t seen the road carefully, but from what I’ve read it’s disingenuous, everyone is comparing it to the Amstel Gold Race, for cyclists like Van der Poel or Van Aert. They are the best riders, not forgetting Pogacar who prepared the best for this world championship after the Tour de France, he time-tested as a training. Let’s see how France will race, Alaphilippe has not been so lucky, but he has won the last two World Cups and if he goes to Australia he has not done so in a fun trip“.

David Cassani wrote the book recently I wanted the bike:I like to write to tell my feelings. Coming home from Tokyo, I wanted to write a book and get people to understand what a bike is for me. Recent books have been based on experiences, this time around I wanted to say what a bike can offer you in your life and what cycling can teach you.” Below is a video of the full interview with Davide Cassani.

Video interview DAVID CASSANI

Photo: Luca Tedeschi – LPS