Nations League: Italy – England 1-0 – Football

Italy beat England 1-0 In the Serie A Nations League Group 3 match played at S. Siro. The goal that decided the match was scored by Rasbadori in the 23rd minute.

In the other group match, Germany lost 1-0 at home in Leipzig to Hungary led by Marco Rossi (Adam Szalay goal).

This is the group standings: Hungary 10; Italy 8; Germany 6; England 2. On Monday, Italy in Budapest Mancini will have a chance to beat the Hungarians, if they win, and thus enter the fourth final. England were relegated to the second tier..

The 68th goal in Raspaduri – Bonucci’s cross and the Napoli striker’s kicks from the edge: there is no escape for the English goalkeeper. The blue feature is well deserved.

before the match
. The San Siro welcomes Italy back to the match against England in the Nations League, with applause but also some timid whistles. In particular, Gianluigi Donnarumma and Leonardo Bonucci were in sight as they entered the stadium to warm up and then read the line-ups, but there were only a few boos amid the applause of the rest of the fans who numbered at over 40,000. in Meazza. The applause that came from the stands, especially from the segment of English fans, when the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, who has disappeared in recent days, appeared on the giant screen of the stadium. A minute’s silence was observed before the match, and the two teams mournfully play on their arms: the Azores for the flood victims in the Marche region, and the English for the Queen.

“Ciro is not a terrible disease but we don’t want to risk it, his leg isn’t too bad, but we think it’s nothing serious.” In an interview with Rai Sport before the England match in the Nations League, as part of the exclusive public television with the national team, blue coach Roberto Mancini spoke about the circumstances of the Lazio bomber who will miss tonight’s match at the San Siro. “We’re hoping to get him back by Monday, so he’s still on the loose. Who’s in attack? We’ll do with those we have, Scamaka and Raspadori for sure.” Then Mancini spoke about the match against the English: “It will be a good match, an open match. Italy-England is always a special match. The moment of the Azzurri and the missed World Cup? It is very difficult to find joy in this period, but what we have done can help us to spend the coming months The joy will probably come back. What do we say to the Italian fans? We always did our best, we played well and always succeeded. It doesn’t go well, you suffer, but fortunately it’s only football.” Conclusion on the clubs and the national team: does that bother you? is the question. “The national team – confirms Mancini – must be helped, we need to help others.”

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