Nico Seregini: “Two more races like this and we pass Formula 1” – MotoGP

Other than sprint race! Two Italian racers fight with Ducati, Marques who is going crazy, Quartararo who stirs up contacts and doesn’t bring him well, faces Jarvis and Tarduzi inside the pits… Great show and great characters

September 20 2022

cHello all! I make a heartfelt plea to my Ducati B&B husband: Bagnaia and Bastianini, please, keep competing for at least two more races, we will be able to reach the F1 ratings! Of course, the Marquis must do his part, and if he is not yet ready to win at least he will insist on his specialty, which is to make a mess behind the leaders!

A little kidding of course, but I’m serious when I say it This season’s MotoGP is a panacea and the spectacle of the last two Grands Prix was fantastic, With the real battle between two great Italian pilots. Other than sprint race! It is this kind of competition that will bring the public back to follow our sport.

Quartararo: What comes to his mind to make certain statements before the Aragon race? “I will try to be aggressive in overtaking – he said – and if it is necessary to make contact, I will get there: it is the only solution for this race”… His exit passed as a normal thing (and it was not at all: connections in what sense, the opponent transferred to the Marquis?), but the result is there for all to see: First, the contact with Mark and the very bad fall, then the contact between the two scooters with him who, from the back seat behind the Marshal, ends up again on the ground and in an open suit … Dear Fabio, listen to a friend, don’t say anymore that you’re ready for the calls, they don’t dress well and then everyone knows you’re a good boy and you drive clean.

A Sunday in Aragon was like watching a good movie with a top-notch theme, Better than Netflix. For example, the faces of the Yamaha team inside the garage and those of Lynne Jarvis at the time of the accident were adorable: not a word, jaws clenched, eyes fixed on the screen hanging on the wall. At that moment unleash your imagination and in those eyes you can read what you want, fear, anxiety over pilot conditions, anger at a title threatening to escape, even the ghosts of 2015…

And then the other box, the red box that was now waiting for a Pecco win because, well, Enea was so close but then he had to beat him and in the Bagnaia braking it was hard to break. Terrific Tardozzi, able to go from disbelief to applause in a nanosecond! And there are still those who say that we lack the characters …