No long queues and (free) outdoor picnics”

If Monza 2022 is for many a forget Not just for second place for Ferrari, who finished first on Saturday – it was for some a positive experience.

He lived the memory of a nice sports weekend with his son without having to pay hundreds of euros. After Sunday’s disastrous report of a fan coming home to watch the game on TV, and anything but a cheap Saturday from a Milan’s father Came to the racetrack with his teenage son, to the editorial staff Monza today A positive story has arrived, too.

Andrea was told by a Lecco County fan who came to the racetrack with his twelve-year-old son for Friday’s practice sessions and Sunday’s race. “On Friday, I went to the entrance to Lismo, where there is a parking lot with a reserved space in the large lawn area in front of the entrance – he explains -. I paid 22 euros for the whole day. After a 20-minute wait we were inside the park and after half an hour of walking, we were in the grandstand. It was a great day, since Friday was not very public, and we were also able to get his autograph from the very helpful Carlo Vanzini.”

But Sunday was also a memorable day for Andrea and his son, as he managed to save both parking and lunch. He was accompanied by his wife in the car, and in his bag there was a large amount of sandwiches, fruits, chocolates and three bottles of water for the whole day.

“My wife dropped us off at the roundabout outside Lismo, before the station – he continues -. When we got to the entrance to Lismo it was a bitter surprise, the queue was long enough and we headed out to look for the start. After 15 minutes and about a kilometer and a half of brisk walking we found the start of the queue, but knowing By the entrance near to Piasono we headed there.I wonder why all the people in line didn’t do the same, the entrances were very well marked in The map was posted on the site months ago unchanged.The entrance to San Giorgio (Piasono) was just a corridor and the Biasuno entrance was an alternative Excellent for balancing the queues of Lismo and Santa Maria (Vedano). After a few seconds, we only showed the ticket, we were inside the park (not the racetrack). Following the organizers’ instructions, we got to the controls queue and after half an hour we were inside the circuit.”

Of course, as many fans said, the organization was certainly not flawless and the ban, on the Autodrome website, was changed afterwards during construction. “Everything was clearly written on the marked page about the safety of things and prohibited things in Autodrome – he continues -. Unfortunately, these rules were changed, albeit insignificantly, over the weekend: on Friday you can bring water bottles up to 1 liter ( It was later changed to 500ml );umbrellas could not be brought (instead it was allowed) so I specially brought two k-types (only on Fridays).So the organization on this front wasn’t optimal and they suggest made-to-order options Experienced staff, but it looks like they made it “newbie kids.” Luckily you can bring water bottles. Banning power banks is funny.”

For Andrea, Sunday 11 September was an unforgettable day. “We enjoyed the F2 race, the drivers parade, the passing of Frecce Tricolori (even if Bocelli’s Italian anthem was not heard due to technical issues… the technical organizers must have been a bit ashamed) and a beautiful F1 race with a relative final ‘invasion’ of the track. Too bad Only to Cavallino’s failure. After the salute stolen from Rosberg, we calmly went back through Ascari, Serraglio and Lesmo 2, and saw him parked next to F1.”

A big negative note (but in this case the organization is not responsible) is the great rudeness of the masses. “I will see hundreds of plastic bottles, litter and much more – he adds -. Rudeness has no limits, among other things we were in a park. Everything I brought in my bag I brought home., Space for 2 or 3 bottles per person, zipped, in a backpack ,I think everyone had it.The organization in my opinion was good,the staff in the garden is nice and fair,excellent flow and management of the roads.The prices are not low but in context for a luxury event in my opinion it’s true,for the sandwich with salami at 4€ I would recommend it for all festivals Autumn in Valtellina.