Ogura plays at home with seven points to close out Fernandes

With five major races remaining, it can be said that they are now Augusto Fernandez so I Ogura The firm favorites for the ultimate win in Moto2. Mathematically speaking, there are still other players in the game, starting with Aron Canet and Celestino Vietti, respectively at -37 and -52 after GP Aragon announcement. But the track speaks for itself, and the consistency shown so far definitely rewards the future MotoGP racer and Japanese competitor, separated by just 7 points. The second is breathing home for the first time since 2019, and his only GP race at Motegi (closed 14) in his first full year in the World Championships. It will definitely be an additional payment to eliminate the slightest gap regarding the discount. Will the crown of the world return to Spain again or will we have an heir Hiroshi Aoyama?

Fernandez Ogura is now unrivaled

What is known is that an impressive revolution is needed in the upcoming 5 GPs to bring the chasers back into play. For example Celestino Vietti, author of a great start to the season and world leader of various events, before getting lost. The VR46 rider was very wrong, the five zeros in particular stand out, so the two men’s train is now hard on top. The duo who made persistence one of their strengths. On the other hand, Aaron Kanet, who is now third in the overall standings ahead of the Italian, has held his life in the early part of the season. Now it looks like he’s found what he needs, but it’s too late against the duo at the top who’s no longer wrong and always brings home the most. Constancy was also lacking in consistency across all the other followers, so at the end of the day, only Augusto Fernandez and Ai Ogura are strong candidates for the world crown. With some loose cannons in the middle, like Pedro Acosta, he’s a rampant starter ready to go. colleague help In case of need.

Unknown Motegi and Ogura on the attack at home

The Moto2 leader and rival resumed from third and fourth places respectively in the scoring sheet at Aragon. The first gives up after pushing hard in the first part of the race, the second recovers instead to limit damage and not let the Spaniard escape in the general classification. Now the designer Honda Team Asia is sure to take advantage of a great opportunity. We’re racing in Motegi, Ai Ogura found the event on his home turf for the first time in three years, and needless to say he wants to do well. Only one season zero and eighth place is the worst result, nicely balanced by two wins and four more podiums: a swag certainly aimed at uplift. On the other side is Augusto Fernandez with two zeros, ninth with the worst result, four wins and two podiums. Two riders are united by one idea: it is important to finish every GP, without risking too much, and always bring as much as possible home. A matter of great interest and constancy of nerves in the next five Global Finals.

global ranking

1. Augusto Fernandez – Red Bull KTM Ajo – 214 points
2. I Ogura – Honda Team Asia – 207 points
3. Aaron Kanet – Pons Racing – 177 points
4. Celestino Vietti – VR46 Racing Team – 162 Points
5. Tony Arbolino – Mark VDS Racing Team – 128 points
6. Pedro Acosta – Red Bull KTM Ajo – 123 points
7. Joe Roberts – Italtrans Racing – 122 points
8. Somkiat Chantra – Honda Asia Team – 109 points
9. Jake Dixon – GasGas Aspar Team – 108 points
10. Marcel Schrötter – good player – 101 points
full arrangement

Photo: motogp.com