Old Star 2022 – Lynn Greer: “Naples is forever with me”

Lynn Greer can’t wait to embrace Napoli once again. Old companions of the unforgettable 2005/06 season with the Carpisa jersey and the city that remains in his heart. The left-footed striker who signed to win the 2006 Coppa Italia in Forli, won the title of top scorer and best player in the most beautiful basketball season in Naples in the third millennium, will be the big attraction of the Givova Old Star Game 2022 scheduled for Sunday, September 25 at 6 pm.

Tickets are available online on Vivaticket at the link and at all authorized points of sale in Italy with the formula “Special Price 10”. One ticket (a ticket counter available on the website www.oldstargame.com) at a promotional price of 10 euros (excluding commissions) under 18 at a price of 1 euros for all sectors. It will also be sold out in Palabarbuto on the day of the event starting at 16:30.

The charity event is sponsored by the Municipality of Naples, FIP and Lega Basket A and organized by WE for YOU Events & Communication by Ale Nava in collaboration with Naples and Scafati Basket to support the Creative Workshop – Made in Carcere, with the support of Santo Versace.

The 43-year-old former Philadelphia player will be on the field 16 years after his last appearance at PalaBarbuto which will bring him back as an absolute champion in his old home:

I am so excited to see the old friends I had an unforgettable year with. And revisit Palabarbuto where I had great matches. I came back to Naples the year I spent
I played in Milan in 2010/11, but this time it will be a completely different occasion: it will be a really great party for everyone.

She was considered “Maradona for basketball”, a comparison that is spent in Naples on a very select few …

I really appreciate the compliment, I experienced in Naples one of the most important, and perhaps even the most memorable, seasons of my football career. It was my first time in Italy, but I already played good seasons: the Euroleague in Slak Wroclaw, then the experience at Dynamo Moscow. But in coach Carpisa, Bucci allowed me to fully demonstrate the qualities of my game.

What do you remember from that season?

They were a great team. The late GM Betti and coach Bucchi
Building an ideal list from the point of view of technical balance. There were indoor players, shooters, and talented items on the ocean – all that was needed to compete at the top. and then
The group was very compact.

The crowning glory was to win the Italian Cup in Forli, beating first Ettore Messina’s Treviso and then Roma in the final: Napoli were seeded No. 2, but were not among the favorites…

Nobody expected us to compete for the title: in the dressing room we weren’t aware of our qualities, it was a surprise for Italian basketball but not for us. It was a great moment and I felt very satisfied, among other things, the win over Lottomatica Roma of David Hawkins, who like myself came out of Temple University and who I considered my brother.

In Naples, she only stayed for a year, but that stellar year opened the doors of the NBA wide for her: she played so well that the Milwaukee Bucks offered her a contract …

It’s 100 percent true: It was my big chance to make my NBA dream come true. But this season was magical for everyone: the team had such an impact on the Italian championship that each of us had interests from half the world.

How did you live follow the city?

The fans were very hospitable, wherever we went between restaurants and clubs, we were greeted with great enthusiasm. And PalaBarbuto’s support was unreal: every game was sold out, and an atmosphere was created that gave a huge boost to the team.

Old Star 2022 will also be suitable to bid farewell to Mimmo Morena basketball…

Mimmo Special: I can hardly believe that despite being nine years older than me he’s still working. But he is a figure who represents the foundations of basketball in Naples, a historical memory of the city: it will be an honor to be part of the group with which he will welcome basketball.

What message can you send to fans to encourage them to come and welcome you on Sunday at PalaBarbuto?

I hope they are as excited as me and will come in droves to review
The people who made him go through great feelings. Personally, I can’t wait to relive the great moments I had with my former teammates and review places in that wonderful year.