Old Star – Maradona Jr: It would be great to see them all again. My dad also loves basketball

Diego Armando Maradona Jr. Prepare for the Sunday special at PalaBarbuto. The son of the unforgettable superhero who made Napoli dream about football is in fact a great basketball fan and a frequent visitor to the gym as a fan. The primary sport is that of the family, with a long career as a soccer player (he was also the 5-man national soccer team) and just starting out as a coach. But basketball is at his heart just like his father Diego, and he will also keep us present to greet his friend Mimo Morena on his farewell to competitive activity. But on the occasion of Givova Old Star Game 2022, he will also be the protagonist on the parquet instead of the stands for the travel event created and organized by WE for YOU Events & Communicaton by Ale Nava in collaboration with Napoli and Scafati Basket and sponsored by the Municipality of Naples, FIP and Lega Basket A to support the workshop Creative – Made in Carcere, Powered by Santo Versace.

The event will provide space for moments of entertainment and performances. Tank tops from the past of the Campania 2 teams will be shown to the public and the presentation Rosters will be presented in the style of “Americana” and the soundtrack. The present audience will be called to gather in a fast mob using cellphone torches. Tickets will also go on sale on Sunday 25th at Palabarbuto starting at 16:30. While presale of tickets is available online on Vivaticket at the link and at all authorized points of sale in Italy using the formula “Special Price 10”. One ticket (a ticket counter available on the website www.oldstargame.com) at a promotional price of 10 euros (excluding commissions) under 18 at a price of 1 euros for all sectors.

It would be great to be at this event that will bring back to Naples the many personalities from the past who brought joy to the basketball fans of the city. And above all to be there for a great friend like Mimmo Morena: I will be very happy to be on the field on Sunday.

What does Morena stand for and how will you live the opportunity to be a partner rather than a one-time fan? Mimmo is basketball in Naples, and it will be interesting to play with him and other high-ranking personalities such as Lynn Greer who have written pages of history for my city. I am so grateful for those men who allowed Napoli to win something important, and I am so excited to talk about them and to think of taking the field to their side.

How did your passion for basketball begin? Is there a favorite era or player in your history as a visitor to PalaBarbuto?

I’ve been following it for as long as I can remember, maybe 10 years old. There were many ups and downs, for many years there was no first division, but it was very good to find her with this club in the last two years. The most beautiful feelings are connected with the Carpisa era: the 2006 Coppa Italia and the Europa League the following year, a really great team with Morena as captain. My favorite player was Bennett Davison, but I was lucky to get to see crazy talents: Greer is obviously above all, but I remember Morandez, Stefansson, Sesay, Damon Jones…

Basketball is a family passion, remember how Dad Diego often went to see the Napoli Basket, the charity basketball and basketball matches and the joint training sessions of the two teams in San Paolo that Maurizio Ragazzi remembers …

My dad loved basketball a lot and in his years a positive chemistry was created between football and basketball, which is a very nice thing for the whole city in the seasons in the late ’80s where there were great players in Napoli. He was definitely very excited.

How do you see the current reality of Ge.Vi. Who is preparing to play the second year of the first division?

I have a wonderful relationship with President Grassi and all of his staff and I am a great friend of Antonio Meringhi who was instrumental in laying the foundations for the restart. They do a really good job, my cousin Simone Sinagra from 2005 is also on the list. It’s a company that I like very much, and I hope everything goes in the right direction.

What message is he sending to the basketball fans in Naples to come and watch the Old Star game on Sunday?

I hope many will come: first and foremost Mimmo Morena deserves it, then there is the possibility to see Lynn Greer again. Moreover, when there is a possibility to do charitable work, we must be present, but the important thing is that the fans are there, because without those who come to see and support us, we are very few.